A Night with the Creator

Last night was a night like any other. Or so I thought…

It is Wednesday night. Normally not a night for much gaming.

But this is Thanksgiving Eve. Gaming with the sweet knowledge that there will be no alarm clocks to disturb the next day.

I get online and see that Blankman and company are in a private room.

Full. damn!

So, I play some campaign (I’m up to Act 5 chapt 3), yes I’m probably the last Gearhead who hasn’t finished.

Then after about an hour, I get an invite.

In the room is Blank of course, Hydro, Infidel, Hanzo, Cable, Wonka, and
Razor Hanzo.

The other two guests were people that I didn’t know.

Chantaljoy and CliffyBisTHEMAN.

I’m thinking, okay… Whose friends are these?

The room has just been re-opened and a couple of us got in at the same time. We were talking “Who has a GT saying CliffyBisTHEMAN?!”. Some sort of rabid fan out there or something.

We started the game and Blankman was on my team. Chantal and the “Cliff lover” were on the other team.

When were were just our team of five, Blankman says…


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