Apologies~Holiday Travels…

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to throw a quick apology out there for my absence this week, just got back from visiting family! It has been a wonderful week and I’m sure you’ve all had fun too…I’ll be out of town the next few days as well but should be back with early next week.

While I’m sure few care about the sweet study Bible I got, or the tickets to the Vikings game I’ll be going to tomorrow, there is one gift I was blessed with that should put a smile on many of your faces…

The short story is that my girlfriend’s dad just came home with a Blu-Ray player one day and I jokingly rubbed it in my dad’s face saying “Why can’t you do that?” Later that night he went to Blockbuster to get a few movies and found a perfect way to get back at me. He talked them into giving him this:



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