The Birth of the SideWinder Blog

For those that really want to keep in touch and also just get good info and maybe phat loot (giveaways) I have a new home on the internet. The SideWinder Blog is run by me and is a nice way to share info from the gaming industry. Through some good colaboration with the gaming teams at Microsoft and others I know in the industry it should turn out pretty nice 🙂 It is brand new so there isn’t much content yet but that will all change soon when I do the official launch which will be soon. Right now I am working on lining up some interviews and getting some design work done on the blog. You can find it at You may be able to tell by the name that the folks at SideWinder are colaborating with me which means I get goodies to giveaway 🙂 Also, you may have noticed you don’t see me as much on my BluePhaze account anymore on Live.

My last diary on the Gearheads site

Ellow guys. I said what I needed to say on the main page. This diary is going to focus on “possible” my favourite and most anticipated game MASS EFFECT 2.

From what I can tell nearly everything has ether been touched up or re-done in ME2. For instance Throw is now pull which if aimed properly can be arched around a corner to pull an enemy in that direction. The shooting now looks more fluid and engaging than in ME1. The cover system alone had about 20 animations in ME1, it now has over 200. Plus there are new biotics like shockwave which pulses across the ground and if it hits an enemy not only will it deal shock damage it will also knock them back.

But enough about me preaching please look at these vids and read the interview.

MW2 vid…

I got my computer back and couldn’t contain myself. Beat the game last night and included footage from campaign and MP. More vids to follow. Be forewarned, there are campaign spoilers, so if you haven’t beat it, I’d avoid it. Honestly though, the way I did it was tactful and quick, so you probably wouldn’t know what happened. But if your a purist, don’t watch the video until you have beaten the campaign.


Quick MW2 Impressions (Minor Spoilers)

If you hadn’t heard, the Modern Warfare 2 train has left the station and is coming in hot.

From the first moments I put the disc in the tray I knew Infinity Ward had gotten it right. How? Upon putting in the game the first time, I was asked “There are scenes of mature nature in this game – Would you like to automatically skip them?” Or something to that effect. I knew instantly that if IW had thought to put that option in, they had probably thought of everything.

And just a couple hours in, I haven’t been convinced otherwise. From the offset the game gets your blood pumping like few I’ve played before. The actual gameplay is brilliant, from that classic feel of Call of Duty’s shooting mechanics to the beautiful graphics and excellent music.

I’m officially hoooked and can’t wait to pop the game in again.

With all that said a few critiques: I’m having trouble figuring out what’s going on. I feel really rushed from mission to mission and have but a basic grasp as to the plot. This is because, like I said, I feel really rushed on top of odd audio. I’m having trouble hearing what the guys around me are saying unless I’m right next to them. Realistic, maybe but not practical in a game.
Now, these ARE NOT big issues for me as the gameplay more than makes up for it.

However there’s one mission I was absolutely blow away by early in the game. (Minor Spoiler) You are randomly placed undercover with some war lord and enter an airport. You then proceed to see the guy’s he is with just mow down countless men and women. People are crawling away, bleeding all over and crying for help. Needless to say, I kept my weapon on safe, so to speak.

I’m not going to say much more, but I don’t ever want to “play” slaughtering men and women who can’t defend themselves. Maybe that’s why I just didn’t fully get engaged in GTA. What happened to the days when Splinter Cell gave you a moral choice to kill or not kill a civilian reporter with consequences either way. Remember that? Giving the option to skip mature option is one thing, but offering gamers an opportunity to slaughter men and women is another. Maybe I’m making too much of it.

Anyway, all in all I’m blown away by the game (in a good way) and hope to get into multiplayer with you all soon!

MW2 Audio Issue

(First off, sorry to those of you whose invites I ignored last night — I was completely absorbed in the single player campaign. Don’t have work today, though, so maybe I’ll see you online.)

Secondly, I can swear that my L&R audio channels are reversed in MW2. I ran the speaker set up on my receiver and made sure everything was connected properly, doing the tone test to check that the channels were correct. Is anybody else having this problem with MW2? I mean, maybe it’s just my ears…

We have confirmation

I was really frustrated last night trying to figure out what could possibly be wrong with my Xbox. Did Gears 2 cause it to overheat (that’s when my Xbox started and then Red Ring’d)? Is there something my modem is doing that causes only single player games to work without a problem? Do I have to much HD space taken up?

Sure enough, my Xbox only had 1 gig of memory left and I decided to clear off everything from games I don’t play any longer. Got rid of some map packs for Xbox Originals and old games, removed some DLC for Rock Band I only played once and retired, and then I noticed something. All of the past data I had from Halo 3 (maps, game variants, etc) was still on there… And taking up space! With that I’d like to inform everyone to check back on their old Halo 3 data when the next chance comes.

Also, I installed CoD: WaW and my Xbox is running great. It hasn’t overheated once yet and I’m going through the campaign on Veteran. That probably isn’t a good idea because I hadn’t gone through campaign on a lower difficulty, but it’s surprisingly easy.

So once I get my new HD on Xmas I’ll be able to rejoin the GearHeads on their GoW shenanigans. Until then, you’ll be able to find me on Treyarch’s Call of Duty.

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to wish the Gearheads a Happy Thanksgiving. Also a big thanks to everyone for making this such a great community 🙂 Eat some turkey, watch MY Cowboys play 😉 and have fun being with your families and enjoy it. I’m very glad to have the 4 day weekend because I’m still getting over a nasty cold.

I’m hoping to get in some Horde with you guys over the next 4 days. Lets blow up some locusts LOL.

Happy Thanksgiving Gearheads!!

A Night with the Creator

Last night was a night like any other. Or so I thought…

It is Wednesday night. Normally not a night for much gaming.

But this is Thanksgiving Eve. Gaming with the sweet knowledge that there will be no alarm clocks to disturb the next day.

I get online and see that Blankman and company are in a private room.

Full. damn!

So, I play some campaign (I’m up to Act 5 chapt 3), yes I’m probably the last Gearhead who hasn’t finished.

Then after about an hour, I get an invite.

In the room is Blank of course, Hydro, Infidel, Hanzo, Cable, Wonka, and
Razor Hanzo.

The other two guests were people that I didn’t know.

Chantaljoy and CliffyBisTHEMAN.

I’m thinking, okay… Whose friends are these?

The room has just been re-opened and a couple of us got in at the same time. We were talking “Who has a GT saying CliffyBisTHEMAN?!”. Some sort of rabid fan out there or something.

We started the game and Blankman was on my team. Chantal and the “Cliff lover” were on the other team.

When were were just our team of five, Blankman says…

Avatar story

This diary is basically just to show off my new avatar. I have a story about this avatar and some of you already know about it. So this is basically just for you guys. You will understand once you see the avatar. If you don’t know the story and you would like to know then ask me about it and I suppose I can tell you.


Gears 2 Soundtrack Available……NOW

Don’t forget today is the release day of one of the best official soundtracks, our own GOW 2. Picked it up at lunch and found something. First you find the biggest stereo system available to you or just go to a BB or Circuit City. Insert said soundtrack, turn up volume to ear bleeding levels and press play on track 2. You will never be the same, by the third movement it really kicks in and you are in for a treat. Don’t miss this guys it’s great. That is all for now, go get it, boys.