If you value your life, don’t go to the official forums.

Thank god for Gearheads. Seriously.

The gearsforums community honestly has to be one of the worst i have ever even seen.

It is not a community for fans to discuss games, its only an outlet for people to whine and post glitches they do.

Seriously, it’s a mother fucking jungle.

Actually, forget my title statement. Go to the official forums, and see what my eyes have seen. You will appreciate this site even more!

Year End Physical Inventory Stinks

I’m at work, i’m the IT Director and i have to run cleanup and utilites until 2am ET. So i will be here a bit. But i will be on later. I hate this time of year. Then on 1st i have MORE reports to run, oh joy….


I got “Resident Evil: Degeneration” on Blu-ray yesterday and i will be putting up a review. I just need a few days to review, there are a ton of special features but i would like to get the story down and review.

I started it last night but fell asleep, go figure…

But i’m here maybe i will see you all on after i get out after 1am…

Left 4 Dead – The Holiday rebirth

Played about an hour of L4D last night with Giggles, Goggles and The BoxinLeprechaun. So much fun!! And we dominated!

Want to play again tonight!

Who’s in?!

Post your love for the game here or teamwork strategies or when we are going to get new maps.

All I know is that it really IS a ton of fun. And want to get some time in with Tyrus, Suns, Blankman, Papi (did you get your box back yet?!), Robbins, Infidel, Grymm, Boxin, Degrees, Really Doe, Hypnos, on and on, man if we could get a 8 player room going that would be Awesome!!

I’ll be on at 10pm eastern if you can make it. Sign up even, we’ll make it a date!

I know this is a bit late

I have been stuck in work all week last week, with the exception of xmas. Today i’m at work from 8am to 3am working on inventory in my computer system. I hate this time of year.

Hope everyone at the gearheads had a great Christmas and sorry i didn’t get back to all the “well wishes” sooner. I have been busy and my son is home from College and has been kicking me off the xbox and ps3, not for long as his girlfriend comes in tonight at 6pm. So hopefully i will see you all on sometime soon. Please keep up the invites. It’s my son who ignores them and i’m ticked he doesn’t reply.

Merry x-mas and happy new year. Hopefully we will all be prosperous and have a great gaming year!

Home Game

First off I just want to say that I’m really surprised that no one else has done a write up about Home yet. I’m just going to do a quick little synopsis about what I think of Home so far. It’s basically Sony’s version of the sims. Except a lot less fun. The only real thing to do so far is to go to the bowling alley and either wait until a lane opens up, wait on a pool table to open up (good luck), or wait until an arcade machine opens up. The arcade games themselves aren’t all that bad. There is a block breaker game, echocrome (which is like a mini version of the full arcade game you can get from the ps store) and then this other game which I have yet gotten the chance to play. Bowling is pretty much just like the bowling in GTAIV. Which means it gets old fast.

Adding to the Dead

Whether your fancy is the Xbox 360 or PC of Left 4 Dead, many players have seen a little bit of rabid action or plans to. While the gameplay is nearly perfectly streamlined in Valve fashion however, no one can argue that the game’s greatest shortcoming is the lack of content on disk. 4 campaigns, each with 4-5 maps, and only two of the campaigns available on versus mode. Sure, playing versus and co-op, not to mention some fun and rather well thought out achievements, can stretch out a 4 hour game to a couple of months, but what then?

Valve has voiced that they will support the game post-release and supposedly much quicker than what they did for Team Fortress 2. So what content are you looking forward to?

Apologies~Holiday Travels…

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to throw a quick apology out there for my absence this week, just got back from visiting family! It has been a wonderful week and I’m sure you’ve all had fun too…I’ll be out of town the next few days as well but should be back with early next week.

While I’m sure few care about the sweet study Bible I got, or the tickets to the Vikings game I’ll be going to tomorrow, there is one gift I was blessed with that should put a smile on many of your faces…

The short story is that my girlfriend’s dad just came home with a Blu-Ray player one day and I jokingly rubbed it in my dad’s face saying “Why can’t you do that?” Later that night he went to Blockbuster to get a few movies and found a perfect way to get back at me. He talked them into giving him this:


The personalities, the memories…

Okay, here’s a little bit on sharing the love for Gears 2.

This is a huge rant about memories and little revelations I’ve had concerning some of the personalities of fellow Gearheads. This is in no way intended to be offensive or degrading. I think that’s pretty apparent when you read it, but if I offend anyone, tell me. Like I said, it is not my intent.

It’s funny what you see in game…

Holiday Chat Diary!

First of all, please recommend this diary immediately so that it stays up top for a least a couple of days. Second, let ‘er rip: anything and everything that isn’t quite worthy of a full diary. Share it here, but keep it spoiler-free.

I will start.

CASTLE CRASHERS PATCH! Woooo!!! That game is still rocking my house with its visuals and music. …and Tim sculpted a figurine complete with clubs! Picture to follow (maybe a couple of days from now).