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    For those who haven't already, make sure to checkout Dan's Gears review. Most confusing review ever when first read it, he gave the game 10 out of 10 and then continued to pin point each and every problem the game has in depth. It makes perfect sense now that I've played the game for several months straight.
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        it and I also remember completely understanding where Dan was coming from.  I think that is where I "get" Cliffy's game design.  Gears, more than any game I know, has mastered that 30 seconds of fun over and over again that Jaime Griesemer (Bungie) mentioned about 5 years ago when discussing the design of Halo:CE.

        This is the three sentence review I gave Gears in my first post here last December.

        Gears of War is old school gaming with TREMENDOUS cinematic flair. I feel like I can sense Cliffy's love for the classics as I play through it.  I don't know that I could give it a bigger compliment.
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      Point. Reading this now, I fully understand it, but if I had read it when the game first came out or prior to emergence day I would have been as lost as the tv series.

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