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    they made a Raving Rabbids on the 360.  I think the only reason I prefer the GC version of RE4 is that, though it has fewer content, it had the better graphics before the Wii came along, in which the visuals are the same, and I prefered the old aiming laser to the reticule.

    Resident Evil 5 for example? [Regarding the crossplatform titles on 360/PS3] I don't know about that, I heard the game was racist...

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      cause it takes place in Africa
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      for the first bit of time with the controls, i was pissed. But after a little learning curve, my god does it work perfectly. :)

      As for RE5, the game is not racist at all. Zombies have been white for a long time and other races too. The idea that racism exists only when they are in a region of the world with a majority of black people is just sickening. I mean, this always comes up and it is funny because it contradicts the views of nearly everyone today that all are created equal.

      I can guarentee you there is much more in RE5 than fighting citizens. Every RE player out there knows there is much more to the enemies than meets the eye in trailers.

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      by Zoso Fan on Wed Aug 01, 2007 at 06:17:23 PM EST

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Comments Disabled | 23 comments