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    On a random note....

    Please don't shoot me for asking a dumb question..

    Have they ever thought creating a division that makes Halloween costumes?!

    Could you just imagine showing up to a party as a Kantus or Boomer?!!

    "I do not tell lies, but I am a savage" ~ William Wallace

    by Kenai 91 on Wed Sep 17, 2008 at 08:27:47 AM EST

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      Pre-made costumes are very convenient.  I doesn't even have to be sold as a costume, it could be sold as a cos-play kit!  You get your beanie, your COG-tags, your printed shirt (to be filled with pillows or some sort of stuffing for those who aren't on 'roids) and an inflatable Boomshot!  HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHA!
      All for 25 bucks.  Trick or Treat, baby!

      Hey, INFLATABLE weapons!  Has anyone ever thought of that?  With that soft plastic, you can make the shape of almost anything.  It can be shipped for cheap, people could buy them buy the handfuls.  On film, they would look just fine (unless the dude forgot to push in the valve after he finished blowing it up).  You could have Longshots, Hammerbursts, Torque Bows, Boomshots, Pistols, even the Lancer!  Make your own movies with the Gears props.

Comments Disabled | 34 comments