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    do have an option whether you want to kill those people or not. I didn't. I simply shot around the civilians. Its not like it says "YOU DIDN'T KILL ENOUGH BABE'S RESTART!!!"  I find GTA as a whole way more edgy then that level. So in conclusion, yes you are Nick. (AKA JACK THOMPSON!!!) JK


    So far I'm really liking the MP, but a little disappointed in the single player. Yes it has some totally BA moments in it, but the enemies still feel really lifeless to me, and somewhat stupid. They don't seem to have much AI at all and most of the fighting sequences seems almost completely scripted. Also the story so far seems really jumbled and confusing. On a positive note though IW character models/animations are some of the best I have ever seen. Almost as good if not better then Uncharted 2's.

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      When I was on the rooftops shooting at the A.I., they scrambled and ran for cover!  Also, they react to where you shoot them, I know this isn't a new feature, but they orchestrated it well.  When they crawl away, and you point your gun at their back, they turn around and almost beg for their lives...

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