Community Guidelines

Gearheads. We have joined and left and returned again. We have been here from the beginning. We know quite a bit about each other, not so unlike soldiers that might be stuck together on a 6 month tour. We know who is funny. We know who waves his dirty socks in our face and thinks its funny, but we love him anyway. We know who it is that we want beside us when the bullets start flying, and who can run into the enemy’s camp and back again without a scratch. We have gamed, and laughed, written about things trivial and about things profoundly personal. And we are our own little band of brothers.

Through it all, we have endured each others’ rants and outbursts which when they got out of hand, were dealt with quickly, and apologies and forgiveness were forthcoming to smooth things over. Yet, every time it happens, it is unpleasant for all of us.

The administration has spent some time pondering how to maintain the jovial atmosphere and yet deal effectively with the disruptions, and put out the fires before they become blazes.

Athletics Nation has established and used a set of Guidelines and disciplinary measures that has provided that much larger community with some boundaries designed to enhance the experience for everyone. We are adopting the guidelines but creating our own, more flexible and humorous system of enforcement that is more suited to our tight-knit community and the technology of this blog. The guidelines are re-written below. The measures of discipline are as follows and will be accompanied by an image/es:

1. Thread Locked – Any posts beyond this will be deleted.

2. Diary Locked – Any further posts in this diary will be deleted.

3. No Hate Speech – This is your first and last warning.

4. Step Away From the Keyboard – Take a deep breath or two before you continue posting.

5. Troll – Nothing to see here, move along.

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