Left 4 Dead – The Holiday rebirth

Played about an hour of L4D last night with Giggles, Goggles and The BoxinLeprechaun. So much fun!! And we dominated!

Want to play again tonight!

Who’s in?!

Post your love for the game here or teamwork strategies or when we are going to get new maps.

All I know is that it really IS a ton of fun. And want to get some time in with Tyrus, Suns, Blankman, Papi (did you get your box back yet?!), Robbins, Infidel, Grymm, Boxin, Degrees, Really Doe, Hypnos, on and on, man if we could get a 8 player room going that would be Awesome!!

I’ll be on at 10pm eastern if you can make it. Sign up even, we’ll make it a date!


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