Quick MW2 Impressions (Minor Spoilers)

If you hadn’t heard, the Modern Warfare 2 train has left the station and is coming in hot.

From the first moments I put the disc in the tray I knew Infinity Ward had gotten it right. How? Upon putting in the game the first time, I was asked “There are scenes of mature nature in this game – Would you like to automatically skip them?” Or something to that effect. I knew instantly that if IW had thought to put that option in, they had probably thought of everything.

And just a couple hours in, I haven’t been convinced otherwise. From the offset the game gets your blood pumping like few I’ve played before. The actual gameplay is brilliant, from that classic feel of Call of Duty’s shooting mechanics to the beautiful graphics and excellent music.

I’m officially hoooked and can’t wait to pop the game in again.

With all that said a few critiques: I’m having trouble figuring out what’s going on. I feel really rushed from mission to mission and have but a basic grasp as to the plot. This is because, like I said, I feel really rushed on top of odd audio. I’m having trouble hearing what the guys around me are saying unless I’m right next to them. Realistic, maybe but not practical in a game.
Now, these ARE NOT big issues for me as the gameplay more than makes up for it.

However there’s one mission I was absolutely blow away by early in the game. (Minor Spoiler) You are randomly placed undercover with some war lord and enter an airport. You then proceed to see the guy’s he is with just mow down countless men and women. People are crawling away, bleeding all over and crying for help. Needless to say, I kept my weapon on safe, so to speak.

I’m not going to say much more, but I don’t ever want to “play” slaughtering men and women who can’t defend themselves. Maybe that’s why I just didn’t fully get engaged in GTA. What happened to the days when Splinter Cell gave you a moral choice to kill or not kill a civilian reporter with consequences either way. Remember that? Giving the option to skip mature option is one thing, but offering gamers an opportunity to slaughter men and women is another. Maybe I’m making too much of it.

Anyway, all in all I’m blown away by the game (in a good way) and hope to get into multiplayer with you all soon!


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