Revisiting the Most Anticipated Titles of E3

I put this post up before E3 asking what titles you looked forward to the most.

My top five were (Gears 2 was my top game, no doubt and it didn’t disappoint):

Killzone 2
Alan Wake
Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway
Far Cry 2
Prince of Persia

I’m wondering what you’re list was and if it changed at all. My list changed quite a bit.

And here is my new one with the reasons why:

Far Cry 2: No game looks prettier to me than this one. And the shooting mechanic looks fantastic. The setting and trailer that had deceiving your enemies was one of the best I saw. Also, the live demo looked really cool.

Fallout 3: God help me, this game looks fantastic. It looks deep. The art style is cool and the shooting mechanic looks better than I thought. Todd Howard didn’t seem to have a great demo at first at the Microsoft press conference but the G4 demo was awesome. Very bloody and using teddy bears as weaponry? Count me in. It doesn’t seem like a typical RPG. I hope I’m not disappointed from the shooting mechanics like Mass Effect.

Resident Evil 5: I liked Resident Evil 4, but I’m not quite the fanboy that many others, including my brother, happened to be. But the co-op situations looked incredible and damn if Sheva (sp?) isn’t the hottest virtual lady to grace video games I’ve seen.

Killzone 2: They didn’t show much because they don’t want to upstage Resistance 2. Good thing because Resistance 2 just isn’t all that interesting to me and this game is.

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway: Yep, this one is still way up there, just barely edging out Prince of Persia for top five.

So there you have it. My re-shuffled list. Obviously number one by a long shot is Gears 2. But I’m still pretty damn psyched about the rest of these.

Let’s have yours.


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