Friday Night FragFest: October 16, 2009 - Back from the East Coast Edition

Fri Oct 16, 2009 at 02:42:10 AM EST

Hey Gearheads, I finally picked up my copy of Uncharted 2 today so I'm not sure if I'm going to be on tomorrow night since I haven't had a chance to play it yet because I've been catching up on a bunch of work.

Still, I'll say that I spent a bunch of time in Connecticut playing Modern Warfare with my nephew and had a blast.  I honestly enjoy that game just as much as I did nearly two years ago.  I hope this doesn't wind up being another Gears 1 to Gears 2 experience in terms of the multiplayer.

I am dying to get into Uncharted 2 since the first game was probably my second favorite experience on PS3, with the first being playing LittleBigPlanet with my daughter, which I still do to this day.

But if you want to do some MW or something, sign up below.  I do want to catch up with our guys.

Get Early Access to Twitter and Facebook for Live

Wed Oct 14, 2009 at 07:13:46 PM EST

You have to enter your console serial number, run a speed test and fill out a service but Microsoft is offering a way to try out Xbox Live's Twitter and Facebook integration before it's released.  

Now your not guarenteed to get picked but if you use either Twitter or Facebook this is definitely something to check out.

Sign Up Here!

I'm baaack...

Fri Oct 09, 2009 at 06:50:48 AM EST

Remember when I said I was offline because my brother's computer was infected with a virus? Well, my beastly machine was finally fitted together the other night. Aside from being an incredibly educational process, I've learned this much about PCs thus far... you need to have an incredible amount of patience.

I was painfully reminded of that lesson again tonight as I took it upon myself to make my first montage video. First, I had issues with the drivers for my capture device, a DVC 100 Dazzle DVD recorder.

I had to read, do some research, and finally come to the conclusion that the drivers needed to be deleted and reinstalled. That took me about two to three hours.

Then I had to learn how to use the capture device and edit it all with Windows Movie Maker. The end product is rough in some spots, but I present it to you, my lovable Gearheads. Sorry for some of the audio squaks, but they are not there in the original... I'm assuming they're due to some oddness in putting up a video on Youtube.

That aside, enjoy.

And signups are below. Unfortunately, I have to work tonight, so I won't be able to make it. Keep up the good fight guys!

Going on a Trip

Wed Oct 07, 2009 at 03:26:48 AM EST

Hey Gearheads, I'm heading out tomorrow for my annual sojourn to Connecticut to visit with family.  I just wanted to let you know that I won't be there for FFF this week and I don't think I'll be opening the sign up thread, so unless one of the other front page Gearheads steps up, you can use this thread for that.

Now, I'm going to say that I think that the new Modern Warfare 2 trailer is possibly the best video game trailer I've ever seen.  It may just top the Gears trailers.  The reason?

SPOILERS to follow:

FFF Recap: Busted by the Spouse

Sat Oct 03, 2009 at 12:05:48 PM EST

Um yeah, so I had a fantastic time last night, first playing Firefight with tyrus, Kenai and tyrus' brother.  I think tyrus might literally be a robot.  He's insane with how methodical he takes out the enemy.  It's remarkable.  The biggest highlight for me was playing the map with the Warthog (sorry, don't remember the name) and Kenai driving the thing around while I pwned the Covenant.  It made the experience so freaking fun.  As many of you guys who play Halo know, my favorite part of Halo is using the vehicles because I've never been a huge fan of the mechanics of the FPS aspects.  It simply moves too slow for my taste.  But the vehicles are second to none.  Everything from a simple ghost to a banshee to the hornet of death to the warthog, Bungie just does vehicles right.

Any way, after a while we switched to Gears and it was pretty fun.  We got Polandstyle's son Christopher in the game and he and I went against Robbins and Kenai for a while.  Then Grymm joined and everything was pretty fairly balanced, despite Grymm and Robbins being a man down (they're pretty robotic when it comes to Gears 1).  

Everything was working well and I should've left after a match on Mansion.  But I didn't and wound up playing two matches with Blankman joining.  We should've separated the teams but instead Blank joined the Robbins and Grymm juggernaut team (they didn't need an extra person, trust me).  And then I lost my cool on Old Bones when a nade that was past me over a barrier blew me up.  I let out a profane-laced tirade that apparently included the word "c%ntbag". Yeah, well, what I didn't realize that my wife's door was open and she could hear everything.  Here's a lesson to the married among us out there.  Don't lose your cool in that fashion if you can avoid it.  I'm not quite I've ever seen my wife so, uh, disgusted with me.  So yeah, I think my image in her head went down a few notches last night as the young 20-something in my personality came roaring to life.

Other than the last two matches and the aftermath, I had a fantastic time.  If only that stupid nade hadn't killed me...ah well, such is life.  I'll just deal with not having a pristine image any longer with my beautifully pregnant wife.

Friday Night FragFest: October 2, 2009 - The Magical Month is Here Edition

Thu Oct 01, 2009 at 04:09:09 PM EST

I can not believe I will be playing Nathan Drake's next adventure in less than two weeks.  The period of awesome games has officially arrived.  I played a little Firefight last night with David Ellis and I had a blast.  My first round was pretty pathetic, scoring only something like 4,000 points, but the next one was good as I was second on our team with something like 18,000 points and I only died once (everyone else died at least four times).

Any way, I think I want some more Gears 1 tomorrow night.  I never thought I'd say that, but I had so much fun last week and since Suns is so far away, the shenanigans exist for pretty much everyone.  It's hard to get upset when everyone has to deal with constant unexpected outcomes.

So maybe we can do that and if there's a willing group, we could also do a little firefight.  Sign up below.  I should be on around 8:30 p.m. PST or so.

Friday Night FragFest: September 25, 2009 - I Wish I Could Firefight Edition

Thu Sep 24, 2009 at 11:34:54 PM EST

Well I'm getting Halo 3: ODST but unfortunately it won't be getting to my house until Monday evening.  So I won't be able to Firefight with the Gearheads tomorrow night.  Damn.  How many of you have Halo 3: ODST?  Are you enjoying Firefight as much as it's been hyped?  How does it compare to Horde?

Any way Gearheads, you'll probably be happy to hear that I've officially broken down and decided that because of the melee options in Left4Dead 2, I've decided to pick that game up.  I really want to like it as it seems much cooler to me.  I've been telling Cliff for years now that I thought the Gears universe needed a destroyed beauty amusement park with some sort of cool firefight centering around cover on the carousel.  And when I saw that in L4D 2, I just smiled.

So about tomorrow night, I'm open for whatever.  Course when I got on last week, it seemed like everyone was just playing some single player stuff so I just played some NHL 10 and then wound up chatting with David Ellis for about an hour right before he left for Tokyo while I played some Peggle.

BTW, Robbins sent me a code for Uncharted 2, but it turns out that I already had one because I had it preordered, so if anyone with a PS3 wants it, let me know and I'll send it along, courtesy of the generosity of the Robbins.

Also there is a Brutal Legend demo on XBL marketplace and it's pretty damn fun.  I haven't really been interested in the game simply because I'm not a big Jack Black fan and the heavy metal thing while cool, just seemed a little forced.  It's kind of hard to describe.  I'm not sure if there is a way to die in the game, but the demo is definitely fun.  Oh and the FIFA 10 demo is kick ass and apparently the game is even cooler.

See you tomorrow night for whatever.  Or are you all just biding your time for MW2?

ODST review - Spoiler Free!

Wed Sep 23, 2009 at 04:32:15 PM EST

Finished ODST yesterday. Honestly, I haven't enjoyed a Halo game this much since the original...

ODST Impressions?

Tue Sep 22, 2009 at 06:46:50 PM EST

Haven't had a whole lot of time to play Bungie's latest, but the time I have has been interesting.

The campaign is really different than the Halo I'm use to.  For the first time in a Halo game I'm conserving ammo, taking cover and am actually being drawn into the story (lol).

The only dig on the game I have so far is that the first half hour or so I had trouble figuring out where to go/what to do.  It's kind of dark and the direction isn't clear. Also the cinimatic when you load up the game absolutely sucks.  It's like they used Windows Movie Maker and some effects to intro you to the Halo world.  Psh. 
But after getting initially acquinted with the look and feel of ODST, it's been nothing but fun. The story is fantastic and music already impressing...


What are you impressions of ODST campaign and Firefight?    

Eliminate Community Event

Mon Sep 21, 2009 at 09:43:07 AM EST

I was selected to be one of the first community members to check out the new game by NGMOCO. Based in operations of downtown San Francisco. NGMOCO develops games for the Iphone and Ipod touch. The game they were showing off today was called Eliminate, a FPS and first of the genre for the Iphone and Ipod touch.


Would you be interested in this game?

66%18 votes
14%4 votes
3%1 votes
11%3 votes
3%1 votes

| 27 votes | Vote | Results

Friday Night FragFest: September 18, 2009 - NHL 10 is Really Out Edition

Fri Sep 18, 2009 at 12:35:12 AM EST

I should be making a triumphant return to FFF tomorrow night. It's been too long now and I'm just looking forward to playing with my Gearheads again.

I don't really care what the game is.  Honestly, it can be whatever and I'll jump in.  So you guys name the game, send me an invite and I'll join up.

Sign up below and I'll see you tomorrow night around 8:30 or so.  And then maybe next week, we can get a little Firefight going on ODST.

Oh and I really love NHL 10, but I'm wondering if they ramped down the difficulty because I used to play it on pro and it would be a bit of a challenge, but it's much easier to score this year on pro difficulty.  Anyone know?

Modern Warfare 2 Videos Look Amazing

Thu Sep 17, 2009 at 01:15:36 AM EST

I know there has been a lot of discussion about the Modern Warfare 2 edition of the 360, but I wanted to make sure that every single Gearhead took the time to watch some of these videos.  After playing a crapload of World at War over the past several months, I'll say that the speed of Modern Warfare 2 is simply striking.  It looks like the sprinting is faster, the kill quickness is faster and the maps look like they have a lot of places to simply camp.  Which could be a good and a bad thing.

I will say that the weapons look simply deadly and incredibly fun and intuitive to use.  The weapons in the COD games, particularly COD were just amazing and one of my favorite parts of that game.  I have a feeling that this version will take it to the next level.

BTW, I found out today that my wife is having another girl.  Maya is simply thrilled that she is going to have a little sister.  We had to run out tonight because Maya really wanted to buy a present for the baby. But the giddy look on her face was worth all the money in the world.

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