xbox 360 in danger of becoming distant 3rd

Wed Aug 01, 2007 at 02:01:13 PM EST

this article basically states that if 360 sales don't pick up M$ will blow its one year lead in the console war.
   "So far in 2007, the news from the Xbox 360 front has not been encouraging," states the report. "If Halo 3 and other products fail to drive Xbox 360 sales, the system will soon flirt with numerous unsavory scenarios, the worst of which is the danger of becoming a distant third in the video game market share battle."

M$ is shipping far less units then the other consoles, ps3 with 4 mill, wii 6 mil, and 360 only 1 mill. So it looks as it M$ dosen't sell a lot of units the wii could catch up to them this year. This report comes after M$ recorded record losses this year.

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  •  We will see (none / 0)

    This winter's upcoming releases(i.e. GTA IV, Halo 3, Assassin's Creed, ect.) are going to either prove to the gaming industry that Microsoft is making moves to recomp what they have lost and offer more to its consumer base(, mind you most of which are NOT exclusives) or it will show that they have become lackluster and weak to the general public.

    I will give you my opinion come February.

  •  PS3 has a very, very long (none / 0)

    way to go.  Read this article.

    In particular, this part right here:

    On its face, PS3 experienced a stronger-than-usual June -- but that's not true. As it turns out, June was the worst month yet for PS3. Analyzing its week-to-week performance, given the per week average sales listed above, the machine would have only sold roughly 78,800, in a four-week period.

    Even if sales were to double in July and continued going forward, they would have no chance of catching up with Nintendo, let alone Microsoft. In the event of a gaming apocalypse where Xbox 360s were to stop being manufactured until January 2008 -- keeping in mind U.S. total Xbox 360 sales to date are at 5.79M, whereas PS3 sits at 1.49M -- they would need to sell 4.3M units by December. At the averaged rate culled from the last six months of PS3 hardware sales -- 127,250 units -- it would take them a total of 33 months in order to catch up with Xbox 360.

    33 months (also known as 2 years, 9 months) to sync with Microsoft.

    It's going to take a while for Sony to catch up and that was if the 360 didn't have any spike this holiday, which is crazy to think they won't with Halo 3 being released and an alleged price cut.

    •  your right (none / 0)

      but you can't forget about Nintendo they have an excellent chance of being the market leader if you go buy Nintendo is about 2 mill away
      •  I think Nintendo (none / 0)

        is kind of doing their own thing.  They're going to win this generation in terms of sales which I predicted a long time ago, but that doesn't mean they have the best system.  

        I'm much more interested in how Sony and MS do.  You're never going to have soccer moms buying a PS3 or 360.  Kudos to them for pulling in a new audience, but I'll personally wait for two things:

        1.  My daughter needs to be older in order for me to get a Wii because it doesn't really have games that interest me.  It would basically collect dust if I bought one.

        2.  I really want better graphics.  If that makes me a graphics whore, then so be it.

        Ultimately, I'll probably wait for them to come out with Wii 2 that is aimed at HDTVs and my daughter will probably be old enough to play by then.
  •  Nintendo (none / 0)

    will be the market leader in this generation of consoles.  I can't go anywhere without hearing someone saying how much they want the Wii, or asking a store clerk if they have any in stock, its crazy.  But I hardly hear of the PS3, and only a bit of average buzz about the 360, for the reasons of Gears of War, Guitar Hero 2, and Halo 3, as far as the public goes.

    I do believe Sony may catch up to 360 next year, though.  You have to remember that some strong, exclusive titles are coming out for that system, while 360's biggest exclusive will be Halo Wars...which for some reason isn't that comforting.

    •  Nintendo (none / 0)

      has been using supply and demand to their advantage. By producing less than the market demand they are creating consumer WANT for their product. That is where you are getting the "hot topic demand" from.

      You could go into 30 stores in a major metro area and be lucky to find one Wii. Does this mean that it is selling like a hot cake? On the surface it does, but really there is not enough product being produced. By doing this, Nintendo is capitalizing on the supply and demand of their product.

      The major problem that is going to handcuff Nintendo in the next year or so is that once the supply and demand is cleared to an even par and the system is readily available to the public, the hype will fall off dramatically.

      Why? Because they have nothing to fall back on. Once they satisfy the WANT, they have to bring a higher quality product to the market. With graphics that are in comparison the same as the original xbox and PS2, the Wii will have to survive on its innovative gameplay. The lack in ability for Nintendo to sign third party exclusives like Sony and Microsoft will eventually catch up to Nintendo. They are TOO committed to "in-house" titles to pay big bucks for a third party exclusive.

      In the end, Nintendo will do what it can to keep up to Microsoft thoughout this generation even if it passes the 360 for a short while.

      So what does this means the PS3 is dying and Sony will need to reinvent their franchise if they are to stay in the battle, let alone the war.

      But thats just me, I could be wrong.

  •  Nintendo (none / 0)

    will gain momentarily. but once everyone that wants one gets one (and realizes there are no games), things will calm down in sales and 360 and PS3 will keep a steady amount of sale which will probably pass wii again.

    Not all who wander are lost

    by Zoso Fan on Wed Aug 01, 2007 at 02:56:04 PM EST

    •  No games that we would be interested in (none / 0)

      you should say.  We're the hardcore group, we want games like Resident Evil, Metroid, and Super Smash Bros. on a Nintendo system, but there aren't that many of those games coming out next year as far as we know.

      Everyone is looking at these easier, quick party games, and thats mainstream.  I really don't enjoy the direction the industry is taking, which is throwing games that are for mainstream and not the best quality, though there are exceptions.  Not to mention, the Wii has the mainstream media backing it, and come this holiday season, all the news and radio stations will be Wii-crazy.  The mainstream media still sees the videogame industry as a kid market, and the Wii is a figurehead to that belief.

      We understand what goes into a game, and what should come out, but parents, elders, toddlers, and other non-gamers can't have that same understanding.  Maybe when the world recognizes our industry as more than one for kids (average gamer age is between 17-35 isn't it?) that the understanding will follow, but we can't count on that for at least the next 2-3 years at the least.

      And thats the way the cookie crumbles.

    •  i some of the games for nintendo are good (none / 0)

      and they have the most exclusives in dev

      mario galaxy metroid SSBB zelda are all AAA games

      •  Yes and No (none / 0)

        Yes they are exclusives

        But, No, they are not "third party" exclusives.

        They are all "in-house" games. All bearing some sort of Mario, metroid, donkey kong and so on and so forth. Does that excite anyone over the age of 16...probably not.

        But, I see your point

        •  i have a wii (none / 0)

          the only games i think are GREAT are Zelda and RE4. Both are on gamecube

          Not all who wander are lost

          by Zoso Fan on Wed Aug 01, 2007 at 03:32:37 PM EST

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          •  I actually preffered (none / 0)

            RE4 on Gamecube than the Wii version, though the Wii version was definantly better than the PS2 and PC installments.  The best games out now, I believe, are: Zelda:TP, RE4, and Rayman Ravin Rabbids.  The games coming out that I'm looking foward to would be Metroid, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and Mario Galaxy.  Umbrella Chronicles, though fun looking, is a RE rail-shooter, and a lot of bad memories are associated with those.
            •  i personally (none / 0)

              liked it more on wii, i had all the versions though ;)> As for raving rabbits, it was fun for like a week at most and was also on 360. So the best games on Wii right now are not only on that platform. And basically, Metroid, SuperSmashBros, Mario Kart, and Mario galaxy are the only game i can think of coming out. I mean, 360 and PS3 individually have better libraries of exclusive content. (Not to mention cross platform games only found on 360/PS3). I will only be buying Mario Galaxy and SSB because Mario Kart seems to have been raped in the gameplay department based on previews. Metriod has always been meh in my book.

              Not all who wander are lost

              by Zoso Fan on Wed Aug 01, 2007 at 05:19:44 PM EST

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              •  I forgot (none / 0)

                they made a Raving Rabbids on the 360.  I think the only reason I prefer the GC version of RE4 is that, though it has fewer content, it had the better graphics before the Wii came along, in which the visuals are the same, and I prefered the old aiming laser to the reticule.

                Resident Evil 5 for example? [Regarding the crossplatform titles on 360/PS3] I don't know about that, I heard the game was racist...

                •  why (none / 0)

                  cause it takes place in Africa
                •  i''ll admit (none / 0)

                  for the first bit of time with the controls, i was pissed. But after a little learning curve, my god does it work perfectly. :)

                  As for RE5, the game is not racist at all. Zombies have been white for a long time and other races too. The idea that racism exists only when they are in a region of the world with a majority of black people is just sickening. I mean, this always comes up and it is funny because it contradicts the views of nearly everyone today that all are created equal.

                  I can guarentee you there is much more in RE5 than fighting citizens. Every RE player out there knows there is much more to the enemies than meets the eye in trailers.

                  Not all who wander are lost

                  by Zoso Fan on Wed Aug 01, 2007 at 06:17:23 PM EST

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  •  check this out (none / 0)

    though i think the wii will do much better, i think we will see something similar in that sales will go down and 360 and PS3 will pass it in terms of sales by the end of this generation of consoles

    Not all who wander are lost

    by Zoso Fan on Wed Aug 01, 2007 at 03:06:32 PM EST

    •  I agree (none / 0)

      with the 'at the end of this generation of consoles', but that is a long time in this industry, where so much can happen due to us being seen as the 'kids-on-the-block' when it comes to entertainment, but were now young-adults, in the sense that we're seen as a wild and unchecked group of hooligans trying to poison the minds of children with games like Manhunt, Condemned, and GTA.  Which, of course, is a rediculous notion.  Until the world sees the industry as a market for adults, consoles like the Wii and DS will flourish in the market while games like GTA will be under attack.

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