New Gears 2 info from Comic-Con- The Truth cont.

Sun Jul 27, 2008 at 07:23:37 PM EST

Here's the low down:

  • Anthony Carmine is dead.  His brother isn't.  "Benjamin" is his name.

    (Cliff with the Neca electronic Lancer; Source: SDCC 2008)

  • Cliff had referred to the awesome electronic 1:1 scale Lancer rifle from Neca which will be available via at $130 (you can see it in the pic that I posted here).  In his excitement, Cliff included Limited Edition Gears 2 game with the Lancer.  People are misinterpreting that as a $130 bundle (Lancer & game which would be ridiculous).  I spoke to Randy Falk (Head of product design at Neca) earlier during the week & it's $130 for the Lancer rifle by itself. Cliff was just plugging the awesome stuff coming out of Neca.  People are jumping to conclusions instead of speaking to the sources.  Cliff was just astonished at how cheap Neca is able to offer the Lancer at $130, not $60 if it were "bundled with the $69.99 LE Gears 2.  The craftmanship and electronics are definitely worth more than what the suggested MSRP will be.  Now sites are reporting the misinterpretation as fact.  That's why no one can confirm this with MS because this "supposed bundle" doesn't exist. Grab the Neca Lancer rifle at $130 and the Limited Edition Gears 2 game for $69.99 on, is what Cliff meant to say.

    (left to right: Karen Traviss, Cliff, Joshua Ortega, & John DiMaggio)

  • Dom has an older brother named Carlos Santiago who has fought alongside Marcus.  Karen Traviss (New York Best-selling author of the upcoming Gears) accidently spilled a spoiler out until Cliff, Josh, & MS reeled her back in.  Carlos will be featured in the prequel novel.

  • The guys at Penny Arcade helped convince Karen Traviss to write the Gears prequel novel coming out on October 28th.  The "Mad World" trailer sealed the deal for her.  She is completely dedicated to making this novel as awesome as she can.  Traviss' attention to detail ranging from what kind of boots the COG soldiers wear to how soldiers strip and clean the Lancer after they've sawed through numerous "Grubs" really places confidence that she'll BRING IT.

  • A new Gears character, Jay Stratton (COG that fights alongside Marcus in the comic series), is introduced in the prequel to the sequel and makes a cameo in the campaign mode of Gears 2 according to Cliff & Joshua.

  • Both the novel and comic series are prequels to Gears 2. The stories that will be told are intended as Gears canon.  It will take place after the first game, but before the second.

  • Dizzy Wallin's vo cap actor is Peter Jason (Deadwood, Ghost of Mars, Batman Animated Series).

  • Steve Jablonsky (Transformers, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, The Hitcher) has just finished composing the game's soundtrack with a live orchestra at Lucasfilm's Skywalker Sound studios.  Cliff is really happy with the results & the choice of the new music composer.  Kevin Riepl was the Gears 1 & UT3 composer.

    (Gears' Comic-series splash page can be seen in the background)

  • According to Joshua Ortega (writer for Gears 2 & the DC/Wildstorm Gears' prequel comics series) & Cliff,"Gears 2 is just as much Dom's story as Marcus'."

  • Eric Nylund, the collaborator for Gears 1, was in the audience & thanked by Joshua.

  • "Jack"-of-all-trades, the robot, will cower in fear when being struck by gunfire before he cloaks.  Cliff reiterated as he did in earlier interviews that Jack will now display communication via a holographic screen whenever Anya Stroud needs to speak to the team.

  • Cliff stated that wrestlers will not be cast in the Gears feature film being co-financed by Legendary Pictures (300, The Dark Knight, Superman Returns, Watchmen) & New Line Cinema.  Cliff wants actors and no cast has been confirmed as of yet.  Len Wiseman (Underworld franchise, Live Free or Die Hard) will be taking the director's helm with Chris Morgan (Wanted, Fast & the Furious) scripting it.  Cliff will serve as Executive Producer.  He also went on record stating that the Gears movie will change the perception of video games into movies that will follow in the footsteps of the recent comics-related blockbuster movies (i.e. The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Hellboy 2).

    (In the efforts to crush the competition, Cliff dons the Bionic Commando's arm... Source: E3 2008 )

Update [2008-7-27 3:24:33 by Blankman]: Ok, I'm up & about now. I've updated the diary with more info.

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