The Birth of the SideWinder Blog

Tue Nov 24, 2009 at 11:20:27 AM EST

For those that really want to keep in touch and also just get good info and maybe phat loot (giveaways) I have a new home on the internet. The SideWinder Blog is run by me and is a nice way to share info from the gaming industry. Through some good colaboration with the gaming teams at Microsoft and others I know in the industry it should turn out pretty nice :) It is brand new so there isn't much content yet but that will all change soon when I do the official launch which will be soon. Right now I am working on lining up some interviews and getting some design work done on the blog. You can find it at You may be able to tell by the name that the folks at SideWinder are colaborating with me which means I get goodies to giveaway :) Also, you may have noticed you don't see me as much on my BluePhaze account anymore on Live.

Most of the time now you will find me online using my SideWinder account. GamerTag is "S1d3W1nd3r 24x7" You can also find me on steam at "S1d3W1nd3r". Also when I am gaming on the PC, I tend to stream my games live on at and you can always find me on twitter under "@S1d3W1nd3r_24x7" so between those you should always be able to find me. We don't have a forum yet, but I am working on that. But of course there is the good old comments sections under the blog posts. So feel free to come over and visit and find me online so we can get our game on. Gearheads are always welcome where ever I am at! So come on over and have some fun as we build a gaming community to take over the world. And for those that haven't read the Gearheads contact thread yet, here is my info if you want to hook up:

GamerTag: S1d3W1nd3r 24x7
Steam: S1d3W1nd3r
Twitter: @S1d3W1nd3r_24x7
X-Fire: S1d3W1nd3r24x7
Raptr: S1d3W1nd3r
Skype: S1d3W1nd3r_24x7
MSN/Live Messenger:
UFragTV: S1d3W1nd3r

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