Who's getting RE5?

Sun Mar 01, 2009 at 05:40:12 PM EST

Yes, I know that this may seem like a n00bish question, but I figured I would ask anyway. Anyway, I'll be going to the midnight release for RE5, so if anyone else is going to one as well, we should hook up for some co-op! I know that Jambi and Infidel will most likely be getting it, and they'll probably be co-oping together. So if you're gonna be on at midnight on the 12th, post here if you want to play some co-op!

Btw, I beat Killzone 2 yesterday, and that game is full of EPIC win. Seriously... amazing f'ing game. If you have a PS3, but dont have KZ2 yet, go buy it NOW.

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Comments Disabled | 15 comments