The Elder Scrolls.................5

Tue Mar 31, 2009 at 10:49:27 PM EST

Yep there is PROBABLY a new Elder Scrolls game coming out in 2010 just jump to and find out more. Here is an clip: "Fallout 3 publisher Bethesda has indicated that the next title in the hugely popular Elder Scrolls series will be released in 2010.

Paul Oughton, publishing executive for Bethesda, also said that although the market for the Wii and DS has opened up more varied publishing opportunities, the company doesn't have any current plans to release titles for Nintendo consoles."
Well oblivion was and is still one of THE games on any console and PC. Just hope they dont do any horse armour and keep the glitches to a minimum.

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Comments Disabled | 19 comments