Tue May 26, 2009 at 09:53:23 PM EST

I've been wanting a iPOD touch but haven't had the $$

I'm pretty stoked that I didn't have the $$ at this point.  Check out he link for all the info

The other big news is a refocus on Zune integration with the Xbox environment, as the Zune's video (though not music, yet) marketplace will replace the current Xbox Live version. Microsoft reps were pretty tight-lipped on the subject, but come E3, they'll enlighten us with the details of the redesign.

The Zune HD will thus be the world's first portable media player to include HD radio, which offers song and artist info and far better sound quality than traditional radio. It'll also include an accelerometer, which is pretty much standard at this point.

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Comments Disabled | 16 comments