I have bad news..............

Sun Aug 30, 2009 at 02:01:56 PM EST

As some of you might know i'm out of the job but in temporary work (that aint the problem).
The problem is the flat aka apartment is NOT DSS. It means anyone who is on benefit is not allowed.
I failed to see in my contract for the flat that it also said no people in tempoary work (this is not part of DSS but more of a landlord thing). The LL doesn't want anyone in temp work staying there as they might go to DSS (these people are too much trouble). I told i aint like that (all night party's, drugs and so on) buthe aint taking it. So for the first time in my life i have no home of my home. My parents said i can move in but i have no where for my stuff.
I dont wantto stay there long as well.......my dad isn't the best person to live with (which was why i moved out).
I'll have my box back next week but no tv for it and still no PC (this is my sisters ltop i'm typing on).
So sorry to say but iaint gonna be on live or this site for some time as i want to concentrait on getting a place that excepts DSS (they are hard to find).
I might pop on every now and then.

So for the moment i bid you all good day and thanks for the memories.

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Comments Disabled | 10 comments