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Sat Sep 19, 2009 at 07:38:45 PM EST

I.  I was watching one of the latest ODST videos and two things struck me.  One, I love guided missles.  Two, I am tired of the Halo music.  So, it got me thinking, is it a good thing for a game studio to have a permanent composer/sound crew?  

Don't misunderstand me.  The "monks" chanting at MacWorld summer 1999, before Grymm, Abe, and RoBBins were born*, is burnt into my memory and I own the soundtracks to the first two games.  However, I never thought the Steve Vai electric guitar suited the Halo universe, and I have grown weary of the tribal drums growing to crescendo just before a wave ends. It has been 10 full years of that stuff. I do not know much about music, so I am willing to concede that it just my lack of sensitivity to the subtleties of Marty's compositions.  Update: See my posts below.

Is the ODST music "fresh"? Do game studios need to keep their music "fresh"? If so, should composers be itinerant (poor saps, finally the musicians get some stability and I am suggesting it be pulled out from under them)?  As regards music in sequels, is there ever a time when freshness is more important than continuity?  

*Yesterday, when relating my pre-Internet era stories to Abe, Grymm, and RoBBins, I realized they never experienced that era.  LMAO @ me or them, I don't know which, but it is hella funny.

II.  There will be a new game mode in L4D2.

"We have a whole new game mode coming out in October [being announced in October].  It is a competitive mode, it is not the same as VS but it is complimentary.  It's super a lot of fun."

Will it be a mode in which we play as the special infected and try to stop A.I. survivors for all five acts in a movie - and maybe even get scores/medals based on how well we do (how quickly we shut them down)? For me, playing as the special infected is like finally getting to be the A.I. that has been knockin' us down, and killing us over and over again since video games were created.  Playing as the infected is always the really "fun" part of VS.  Yet, my idea above sounds kind of lame.  Is the new mode just going to be a tack on/extension of another mode that will get old really fast?  What is this new mode going to be?  Surely there aren't that many different things they can do with this game, that we can't guess the gametype before it is announced.

III.  Splinter Cell: Conviction is going to kick your ass up and down the street, open your lunch box, step on your sandwiches, pour your thermos of juice all over you, and then steal your bus money.  That is all I am going to say.

IV. Monday through Wednesday are holidays for me, and my heart is as light now, as it is heavy when I have to work.  lol

V.  I wrote the word, "hella" above.  Whenever I use that word, I always think of SlmShawty.  I miss Slm.  He plays now, but never when I am on. Sad thing is, I don't think he even lurks enough to notice that I just posted this.

VI.  Vudu is getting the MW2 360 Console Package.  He lives the dream.

VII.  You WANT Zoso in your Gears 1 room.  You don't want him in your Gears 2 room.  lol

VIII.  I am still trying to figure out what I witnessed when I played Modern Warfare with Infidel and Machete.  Was it real or was it just all in my head?

IX. I think often of Poland, always with a smile, and when I think of the games he used to buy, I even laugh.  Poland, RIP.

X.  Whenever I play with the Gearheads, especially in the wild, I always feel like I am the shortest, youngest brother, walking with his big older brothers who are "gonna kick your ass".

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