FFF Re-cap   The Eight-In-A-Room Edition

Sat Sep 26, 2009 at 06:27:03 AM EST

Awesome night of gaming.  Lots of people missing, but we actually managed not only to get some of us together playing Gears 1, but with papi's acceptance of the invite, fill a room!  

I was the host again, so shenanigans abounded.  Apologies to all who had their rightful kill taken from them and instead found themselves gibbed to pieces.  

I think tomorrow is gonna be busy, and I don't have much time tonight, so without further ado:

To RoBBins - especially for his sniper blind-fire kill of Johann on Canals

•The "Busting Melons" Award- Most/Best headshot(s) of FFF.

To papi - especially for his "This is Duck Hunt" performance on Canals, eventually taking out two baddies who tried to flank him, while other(s) were trying to snipe him - I think all his Horde skills are backwards compatible.

•The "Arrow in da Ass" Award- Most/Best Torquebow stick of FFF.

To ObiJuan and Kenai - for keepin' it real.  Actually, I remember Obi getting an amazing roll-saw on me in Mausoleum.

•"The Golden Chainsaw" Award- Most chainsaw kills of FFF.

Not sure.  Many of us were getting many shottie kills.  Honorable mention goes to papi for getting the match winning kill with his shottie on Fuel Depot.

•The "Shot Caller" Award- Most shottie kills of FFF.

There were more R.Kelly kills last night than I can remember in any FFF.  Honorable mentions include Kenai's saw kill of me on Helipad in Fuel Depot, and Grymm's saw kill of me on Process near the TB spawn.

•The "R. Kelly" Award- Piss-in-your-pants kill.

ObiJuan gets this award because, like aamato a couple of weeks ago, he couldn't buy a kill though he was deserving of MANY!

•"The Shenaniganery" Award- Player that is the recipient of the most shenanigans.

Me, I think. Which is reasonable, because sometimes it is the only way you can kill host.

•The "Saw Lube Tube" Award- Player that received the most saws.

Kenai was throwin' the lumber a little there, and then when tensions rose, he quickly put his big stick away.

The "Paul Bunyan" Award - - Inappropriate use of melees. (but we don't want to encourage this one).

I won't mention any names, but his name starts with a "K" and he laughs quite a bit.

•The "Hong Kong Phooey" Award- Inappropriate use of grenade tags. (but we don't want to encourage this one).

To Zoso for headshotting papi near hammerburst spawn on Fuel Depot.

•The "Hillary Clinton" Award- Most friendly-fire kills during FFF.

There was a ton of great laughter and fun.  I had a blast and I even got to play a little L4D afterward, for dessert.  (We kicked butt, as per usual.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  •  There was a five minute window (none / 0)

    Where I couldn't help myself.  It was kind of addicting...  

    First it was a melee on Suns because I was either gonna have to reload the shotty (and therefore die...), I had already wounded him and a quick "thump!" and down he went...

    Then it was a pistol on Zoso (I had used up torque bow...) and we were closing the distance.  I surprisingly did some damage on him with the pistol and another "Whump".   Man, melees really are too powerful!  You can shoot a guy sometimes 4 times with a shotty and... nothing...  But 1 melee!

    Then...  then I got really bad...

    I was running with a grenade that I had just picked up...   Was gonna throw it, but Papi came around the corner and...  Well...  :-)  BUT he Did take me to the grave with him...

    But then I did it again...  By now, everyone was like...  "What?  Who said Melees were okay?"...  

    I had to eat some crow and then settle back to the bottom of the pack...  

    "Hi Obijuan..."   "Just you and me down here again..."   "But set a place for three, cause Suns will be back once he doesn't have host..."

    Funny thing is that I Love when Suns has host.  It's like everything is now balanced and right in the world.  Watching the duels between him and Johann are EPIC! (Pun intended...)  This game is so broken when it comes to host/lag, but something about it that this doesn't really matter in the big picture.   The Laughs never stopped and everyone went to bed with stories shared.

    "I do not tell lies, but I am a savage" ~ William Wallace

    by Kenai 91 on Sat Sep 26, 2009 at 09:50:21 AM EST

    •  Kenai, (none / 0)

       "But set a place for three, cause Suns will be back once he doesn't have host..."

      Great, GREAT line!  Absolutely!

      I wanted to write the following up two weeks ago, but decided against it.  What the heck, here goes.  

      Two weeks ago, during the FFF, I felt somewhat vindicated for all the years of bottom-of-the-list gaming.  We had the room open to the public, and when randoms from Japan joined our room (them and Johann and I on the same team) Zoso and RoBBins went a little flaky - Zoso just started running around with his saw up - because they couldn't do anything to kill the guys (and I Johann and I were host/co-host so we were of course, bullet proof too).  

      It is not just host, but proximity to host.  I realized, if you really want to know what it has been like, you need to join a game where everyone but you is in Japan.  Then, you would finally have a similar experience to what I had all those years.  When everyone you go up against is infinitely closer to host than you are, it is like they are all carrying guns that have 25 to 60 percent more power than your gun. You don't know what to do.  You just want to run up to people and slap their face and  take their guns away.  lol  

      I want to clarify that I am not making excuses for my poor gaming skills.  It was just that when I saw Zos running with his saw up, I finally felt like someone understood my pain.

      Every time RoBBins, or Zoso, or anyone gets several off-host sniper head shots in a match, I marvel.  These guys really do know the game, and they really are very, very good.

  •  I had a great time guys (none / 0)

    Thank you so much for writing this up Suns. It's really appreciated.  I'll write more about my experience later.

  •  Awesome time with Gears 1 as usual! (none / 0)

    I had a ton of fun, all while pwning Zos on Raven Down. But anyway, the blindfire I got on Johann was on War Machine, not Canals ;) Gears 1 is STILL the king of FFF games. Seriously, we should make Fridays the "Gears 1 only" day.

    R.I.P Polandstyle :: 9/8/68 - 3/16/09 ::

    by RoBBins0096 on Sat Sep 26, 2009 at 02:12:49 PM EST

  •  Gears was (none / 0)

    pissing me off to no end, but to be honest it was more fun than the second one that's for sure. I really wish we could've gotten more L4D in but it was fun while it lasted!

    And just to let everyone know, I started working on some more Cosmic Cloud songs and just finished one up. It's called "Tranquility" if anyone wants to check it out. Link below.


    "Vuht? Ze Panzerz? WHO LET ZE PANZERZ OUWT?!?!?!?!"

    by Grymm on Sun Sep 27, 2009 at 10:15:04 PM EST

    •  Downloading now. (none / 0)

      Doh!  Your link is broke

      Get it here:

      And L4D was also incredibly awesome.  I think I may physically turn inside out when I start playing L4D2.  Two words:

      The Jockey.

      He will own all, and everyone will laugh so hard they can't hold their controller.

      •  The Jockey (none / 0)

        For those who maybe didn't know, the Jockey only rides until the survivor is incapacitated, at which point, he automatically dismounts.  This means that unlike the smoker and hunter, the Jockey doesn't finish the survivor off unless it is with melees after incapacitation.

        Shown in this video.

        •  Also, there was a huge HUD improvement (none / 0)

          update on the weekend.  You can now see the recharging of your special infected teammates etc.  Very nice!  It actually would make it possible to play in a party of 8 and not have to shout out all the details to teammates, yet still plan attacks.

          Seriously, we may have to play the first few games in open parties because it is so much fun to hear the other guys scream and laugh.

          And hear Blankman say, "I'm comin' for you, Grymmie!" in a dark, ominous voice.

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