Fri Sep 04, 2009 at 12:06:26 PM EST

This is just a heads-up to let everyone know that the domain will lapse on "2009-10-09".  (I don't even know if that means September the 10th or October the 9th. LOL)  When I went to check the recent changes to the wiki, there were no results at all for the past 30 days.  For the 8 months previous to that, it has just been Blankman and I using it for photo linking. I don't even want to know when the last post was written in the Off-limits forum.

I had a blast learning how to set up the forum and wiki software, and would do it again in a heartbeat if I/we had some sort of use for it.  I feel it was well worth both my time and money and am glad I did it.  

Thanks to everyone who used it at one point or another, and a special thanks to Sweetie for his hard work in Off-Limits, and to Zoso for making the forum skin, and for creating the Main Page.  I have used it several times daily since you put it up, bro!

If you have any content you want to keep, get it soon (really soon if indeed that "9" means "September" ha ha ha).  I know that I want to get a copy of Gabe "cooking up" a PS3 version of L4D and a couple of the epic FAIL pics...oh, and that Nurse that Blank found a while back.  ha ha ha  But other than that, I think there is probably very little that can't be googl-ized again at some point in the future.

Ah, life is good.  

In a goofy, happy kind of way, I feel sort of like I brought home a backhoe for the sandbox.  Smiling guiltily, I present it to Chiiko, and try to tell her all the cool things we will be able to do with it, including (and I am thinking on my feet here) moving the entire sandbox into the bucket, ...making more space for lounge chairs in the yard!  

"Yes, of course!  In fact, we don't even need lounge chairs! We can have our barbecue right in the cab!  You know what this means?!", I ask her in ever-heightening enthusiasm, "We can even have barbecues when it rains! ... 'Cause I chose the deluxe cab!"

When I realize that no amount of awesome things that could be done with a backhoe will persuade her to approve it, I take it back to the dealership (a long and slow drive), and tell them that my wife "doesn't like the color".  The manager chuckles knowingly, but more importantly, mercifully, and then tears up the lease in front of me.  

I walk out of the store with a smile on my lips and a tear in my eye.  I drive home in sour-sweet silence.  Only Chiiko's embrace when I get home, convinces me that I probably wouldn't have enjoyed barbecuing in the rain anyway.

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  •  Happy Wife (none / 0)

    Makes Happy Husband.  ;-)

    "I do not tell lies, but I am a savage" ~ William Wallace

    by Kenai 91 on Fri Sep 04, 2009 at 01:17:31 PM EST

  •  All good things must come to an eventual end. (none / 0)

    We had a blast on the Stranded site, Suns. Thanks go out to all that made it possible, but especially to Suns for endeavoring on such a lofty goal. Unfortunately, one's free time can only be spent so many ways. As it is, many of our regulars have essentially become lurkers (that's not a bad thing) and posting less and less.

    I really feel that if Gears 2's MP wasn't a complete FUBAR from the start, the community wouldn't have relegated themselves to such a reserved role. Gears 1 was the absolute game three years ago and the anticipation of the sequel only brought about positivity. I don't think anyone here will deny that Epic really dropped the ball (they not only dropped it, stepped on it, punctured it, and then tried to give it back to us to shoot hoops with) by believing that they could patch the mistakes and use smoke and mirrors with the host advantage along with the multitude of game changes that resulted in multiple steps backward rather than forward. Yikes, I shouldn't even begin to get on the smoke issue. I'll just leave it at that.

    Friends don't let friends two-piece.

    by Blankman on Fri Sep 04, 2009 at 03:45:17 PM EST

  •  Thanks for all YOUR work on this, Suns! (none / 0)

    As for Off-Limits, essentially it just came down to this: GearHeads don't want to talk about Religion and Politics.

    Some did, but getting people together for discussions was always a full time job and frequently didn't happen.

    Too much work for too little interest.

    Still, I thank everyone for their responses and the fun we had while it lasted!!!

    "As for FFF we'll see how my social life unfolds that night. Which basically means i'll be gaming lol" -Boxin

    by SweetTea023 on Fri Sep 04, 2009 at 07:00:17 PM EST

  •  Thanks for the comments, guys! (none / 0)

    @Kenai, yes.  Though, contrary to my analogy, Chiiko supported me fully in every aspect of The-Stranded, the feeling was bitter-sweet yesterday, when I realized that it couldn't be justified anymore.

    @Blankman.  Thanks.  It was a marvelous run!  I am really gonna miss the "Upload File" feature of the wiki, too.  As for Gears 2, map-based "plays" and "strategy guides" were the the main purpose for setting up a wiki in the first place.  What we would have done in that wiki had we had it in the height of the Gears 1 popularity!

    @Sweetie.  Your efforts were appreciated by everyone.  Putting a positive spin on your statement, perhaps it is just a matter of many Gearheads wanting to maintain a brotherhood of gaming and laughter, more than they want to risk that by discussing beliefs, or non-beliefs, held with passion.

  •  on to different projects friend :) (none / 0)

    Designing the site with ya was a blast, uploading was hilarious and joking about all the bugs was even better.

    On that note, i'll talk to you on skype. I have some ideas ;)

    Not all who wander are lost

    by Zoso Fan on Fri Sep 04, 2009 at 11:39:27 PM EST

  •  Suns (none / 0)

    I appreciate the work you did so much and I apologize for not spending time there.  As you can tell by how much time (or lack thereof) I've spent on Gearheads over the past six-12 months, my time is just spread so thin.  I apologize that I didn't do more to help you out, brother.

    •  No apologies necessary. (none / 0)

      From a personal "Can I do it?" perspective, it was a resounding success. In addition to a bunch of features no one used or even knew about, I actually even got a commenting feature to work on the wiki. ha ha ha  Though we never did get around to a custom skin for it (and it looks like ass - lol), the engine under the hood uses nitrous!  

      From a participation perspective, there were many factors that led to light numbers, one of which was the community's mixed reception of Gears 2.  

      Thanks for your kind words, Tyler.  :)

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