Infinity Ward's Tight Controls

Mon Sep 07, 2009 at 11:32:15 PM EST

papi often talks about how much he likes the controls of CoD4.  Now I know why.

There is a great article on "input latency", and it would appear that Infinity Ward has always held controller lag to be one of the vilest evils, and regularly stomps out any bugs or inefficient coding that might lead to "unresponsive" controls.

"Our mantra of '60FPS 60FPS 60FPS!' would all be for nothing if we had horrible input lag," says Infinity Ward's Drew McCoy. "It is extremely helpful being able to see the physical, measurable, result of what is going on in our game - especially if things change or if someone in the office complains that things 'don’t feel right'. If anyone cares about the end user experience of their game, they should be heavily invested in their input latency."

"We commissioned Ben to make us the light board after a programmer saw me spending a lot of time filming myself pressing buttons in front of a CRT to test input latency," says Infinity Ward's Drew McCoy. "He, being a programmer, was obviously frustrated that such an imprecise method was used to test something that he and the rest of the engineers here at Infinity Ward spend a great deal of time and energy on - reducing input latency."

So that is why the controls are so crisp!

It is a fascinating article, and I was very surprised to learn that even the monitor one uses can create considerable lag.  Dang! I wish they had tested Gears 2. I am curious to see how it would fair with the other games.

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