Bringing Back an Oldy to Honor GearHeads...

Tue Nov 24, 2009 at 11:33:51 AM EST

Just thought I would post this again as it has been quite awhile. This pretty well somes up the fun of playing gears on a team comprised of Gearheads! This is a poem for the gearheads that I posted here quite a while ago. We were trying to get some fun stuff to put on a t-shirt... but anyway... here it is, an orginal Gearheadsofwar poem, and the best way I have of saying thank you to the GearHeads who have made my time here so great:

GearHeads of War:

Sweat, covers your body as it starts to drip
Fear, has you shaking tight within its grip
Can't Step, knees are weakened and you might just slip
Don't breathe, chest is tightening and your lungs might rip

Four shadows moving toward you and you're filled with dread
A full clip, Active reload, pointed at your head
Your time is coming swiftly and the omens red
You should have listened to your little inner voice and fled

You need to dive you need to dodge, you better bob and weave
You better run, you better fly, to get away from me
A sawed off shotty in my hand's the only friend I need
A red stain on the ground's the only mark you'll leave

Execution style, I want you on your knees
The whole squad circling like killer bees
But the buzz that you're hearing isn't from our wings
It's the trigger on my chainsaw as I start to squeeze

Like a shadow in the night with the silent step
I see you shaking in the darkness looking right and left
I'm a surgeon with a chainsaw, call me Dr. Death
I'm the f***in grim reaper come to steal your breath

The precision that you witness is our fighting form
Coming down like lightning in a thunder storm
You know what they say, when it rains it pours
An umbrella can't protect from GearHeads of War

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