Need Help Finding Car

Mon Jun 22, 2009 at 04:07:02 AM EST

So my musical equipment (4x12 guitar cabs, and vintage reissued Marshall amp almost exclusively) is getting too large to lug around, so i need your guy's help.

I need a to find a car that can transport this ish, and still have somewhat reasonable gas mileage. I really don't want to go the pickup route, but if that is what you think my only option is, please tell me which you think i should get.

I looked at the Nissan Xterra, a bit pricey. Honda Element would work great... if people wouldn't have to take my man card away for driving it.

My budget is probably maxed at 11k or 12k (lol, i know.)

Anyhoo, any advice will help... a lot!

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