FFF Recap - Milk Carton Papi Edition

Sat Aug 29, 2009 at 04:10:03 PM EST

Hopefully Papi is making a speedy recovery from his "photo" session.  Hope you are doing alright, papi!

In the meantime, there were lots of Gearheads on over the course of the evening, though we continued our trend of Mixed Bag Gaming.  

I got on even later than had hoped because Chiiko wanted to replace our electronic dictionary for the boys studies which will start next week.  I had to go shopping as soon as I got home.  Sorry I missed you, Kenai!

At one point, I observed Johann playing CoD4 with RoBBins, Boxin, Machete, Extra Terestical, and Grymm (Grymm, were you playing, or were you just in the party?).  Looked and sounded like they were having a pretty good time, though every once and a while I would hear a "I hate this map!" or "This map sucks!".  I can't be sure how well they did, though I doubt they lost very often.  It was a more casual session to be sure though.  The old gang was back at it, and towards the end, Boxin and Machete went "Stealth" voice, whispering for the rest of the evening. Christmas is simply too far away Boxin.  We are gonna miss you!

I just sat and watched and listened for a while, then later started up Shadow Complex, while still in the party.  Blankman had power restrictions that kept him off his machine till very late.  When he jumped on, it was really just me and him left (I think Infidel, Vudu et al had a full room for killing randoms in Gears 2).  Blank played Batman and I continued Shadow Complex.  Just visiting while working our way through our respective SP games was great, and I mentioned to Blank that the Party Chat feature truly is awesome.  Speaking of which, early in the evening, several other Gearheads including Savage popped in and out of our party, often so briefly, that I never even got a chance to say "Hi!".

P.S.  Blank says Batman:AA is in his Top Seven games list of all time.  Definitely rivals BioShock, but more than that, it truly allows the gamer to become Batman.  I can't wait!  Great review!

P.S.S. Penny Arcade thought it was awesome, too, giving Rocksteady's Batman the "Top of the Stealth Food Chain" title.  WOOOO!!

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