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Mon Aug 31, 2009 at 02:11:30 PM EST

Hey all. Been AWOL lately. Been working a lot of Fridays, first off.

Secondly, I'm taking a break from MP games. Probably won't pick one up until ODST and MW 2. Until then, rocking out some SP titles. I'm working on going through Dead Space and Mass Effect. I have to say, Mass Effect has really grown on me. The AI is incredibly fucking retarded sometimes, but in most instances, it works. I literally died three times in a row because I had a teammate stuck on a box and we couldn't run out of a hallway before it all blew up. Thanks Wrex. Thanks.

That aside, the game's been pretty fun in that I've been playing the game as if I were really making the decisions. Sometimes, Bioware games tend to thow you far to the left or right in terms of good and evil. I like that there's more of a middle ground in this one. Basically, I'm a good guy, but bad people that deserve a bullet in the brain pan get one, pure and simple.

Also, I made a character with the sequel in mind. My guy is meant to look old... basically, picture a sickly Clint Eastwood with a hideously disfiguring scar and scars from acne in his childhood and you have my guy. lol.

It's been a nice little gem. Most of the time, I put down a game and that's that. But Mass Effect and Dead Space have been an exception. Only reason I put Dead Space down is the intensity. I HAVE to play that game one level at a time in daylight. lol. It's like the lovechild between John Carpenter's The Thing and Event Horizon. Pretty dense stuff.

On the computer front, I haven't posted much lately because my brother's computer has a virus on it. I'm currently at a local community college writing this stuff up.

But I'm planning on building a kick ass rig in a few weeks. It's the quivalent of Alien Ware's top gaming PC. Going to be very nice. Plus, I'm getting a capture device for gaming vids. So who knows, you could be on the internetz soon!

p.s. Infidel, sorry I missed your party invite last night. I was so engrossed in Mass Effect I didn't even notice it. You know those blue women... they need sexing.  

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