FFF Re-Cap  The Where's Zoso?  Edition

Sat Sep 12, 2009 at 06:45:26 AM EST

I am not sure, but I think we (aamato, Blankman, Grymm, Kenai, Johann, RoBBins, and 3Suns) played Gears 1 for about 3 hours yesterday, every map but Tyro Station.  Almost the whole time, it was 3v2 or 4v3, which was really unfortunate because starting out with a greater number of people on your team almost guarantees the win. It is strange how about 10 seconds into the round, the unbalanced numbers on teams through in-game deaths, doesn't matter so much. Often even 1v3 or 4 can win. Off the start, however, it seems just crushingly unfair.

Zoso!!!  Where the heck were you?!  Dang it!  It was for the reason of unbalanced teams, that we finally switched to CoD4, which became quickly tiring because of lag and camping.

Anyway, the Gears gaming was a real hoot. I enjoyed every minute of it, even though I held the uncomfortable honor of being the host.  Seriously, I love that game.

Were we to give out awards, they would look something (awesome) like this:
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To RoBBins

•The "Busting Melons" Award- Most/Best headshot(s) of FFF.

To aamato, Blankman, and Johann for various skillful sticks throughout the evening.

•The "Arrow in da Ass" Award- Most/Best Torquebow stick of FFF.

To Blankman for rolling and sawin' on Gridlock like tyrus.

•"The Golden Chainsaw" Award- Most chainsaw kills of FFF.
Were I ever to be in a band, I would want to name it, "Blankman and the Saw"

To the host with the most, Moi. ;)

•The "Shot Caller" Award- Most shottie kills of FFF.

To the Ice Cream Truck owner - Giggles  aka Grymm

•The "Tick Tock You Don't Stop!" Award- Most/best thrown Frag grenade kill(s).

To Kenai for saw-killing Johann while he was trying to snipe.

•The "R. Kelly" Award- Piss-in-your-pants kill.

To nobody.  Bwahahahaaha  I think we forgot about how to revive.

•The "Nurse Betty" Award- Most revives of FFF.

To aamato.  Poor guy. my hosting with his connection, made for a rough ride for him.

•"The Shenaniganery" Award- Player that is the recipient of the most shenanigans.

Moi.I got sawed quite a bit by both Kenai and Blankman.

•The "Saw Lube Tube" Award- Player that received the most saws.

To ....KENAIIIII!!!!

•The "Hong Kong Phooey" Award- Inappropriate use of grenade tags.

to Kenai!  Oh the boomshot in which he killed himself, a teammate...and no others!!

•The "Hillary Clinton" Award- Most friendly-fire kills during FFF.

As for the other, less verbose Gearheads, I know that Infidel, Vudu, crowinghorse, and some others were playing Gears 2, and JohnE was playing CoD4 by himself for a while there.  Tell us your exploits.  I think Infidel is now in the top 250 of the Gears 2 gamers in the world.

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