FFF Re-cap   The Eight-In-A-Room Edition

Sat Sep 26, 2009 at 06:27:03 AM EST

Awesome night of gaming.  Lots of people missing, but we actually managed not only to get some of us together playing Gears 1, but with papi's acceptance of the invite, fill a room!  

I was the host again, so shenanigans abounded.  Apologies to all who had their rightful kill taken from them and instead found themselves gibbed to pieces.  

I think tomorrow is gonna be busy, and I don't have much time tonight, so without further ado:

To RoBBins - especially for his sniper blind-fire kill of Johann on Canals

•The "Busting Melons" Award- Most/Best headshot(s) of FFF.

To papi - especially for his "This is Duck Hunt" performance on Canals, eventually taking out two baddies who tried to flank him, while other(s) were trying to snipe him - I think all his Horde skills are backwards compatible.

•The "Arrow in da Ass" Award- Most/Best Torquebow stick of FFF.

To ObiJuan and Kenai - for keepin' it real.  Actually, I remember Obi getting an amazing roll-saw on me in Mausoleum.

•"The Golden Chainsaw" Award- Most chainsaw kills of FFF.

Not sure.  Many of us were getting many shottie kills.  Honorable mention goes to papi for getting the match winning kill with his shottie on Fuel Depot.

•The "Shot Caller" Award- Most shottie kills of FFF.

There were more R.Kelly kills last night than I can remember in any FFF.  Honorable mentions include Kenai's saw kill of me on Helipad in Fuel Depot, and Grymm's saw kill of me on Process near the TB spawn.

•The "R. Kelly" Award- Piss-in-your-pants kill.

ObiJuan gets this award because, like aamato a couple of weeks ago, he couldn't buy a kill though he was deserving of MANY!

•"The Shenaniganery" Award- Player that is the recipient of the most shenanigans.

Me, I think. Which is reasonable, because sometimes it is the only way you can kill host.

•The "Saw Lube Tube" Award- Player that received the most saws.

Kenai was throwin' the lumber a little there, and then when tensions rose, he quickly put his big stick away.

The "Paul Bunyan" Award - - Inappropriate use of melees. (but we don't want to encourage this one).

I won't mention any names, but his name starts with a "K" and he laughs quite a bit.

•The "Hong Kong Phooey" Award- Inappropriate use of grenade tags. (but we don't want to encourage this one).

To Zoso for headshotting papi near hammerburst spawn on Fuel Depot.

•The "Hillary Clinton" Award- Most friendly-fire kills during FFF.

There was a ton of great laughter and fun.  I had a blast and I even got to play a little L4D afterward, for dessert.  (We kicked butt, as per usual.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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