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This is just a heads-up to let everyone know that the domain will lapse on "2009-10-09".  (I don't even know if that means September the 10th or October the 9th. LOL)  When I went to check the recent changes to the wiki, there were no results at all for the past 30 days.  For the 8 months previous to that, it has just been Blankman and I using it for photo linking. I don't even want to know when the last post was written in the Off-limits forum.

I had a blast learning how to set up the forum and wiki software, and would do it again in a heartbeat if I/we had some sort of use for it.  I feel it was well worth both my time and money and am glad I did it.  

Thanks to everyone who used it at one point or another, and a special thanks to Sweetie for his hard work in Off-Limits, and to Zoso for making the forum skin, and for creating the Main Page.  I have used it several times daily since you put it up, bro!

If you have any content you want to keep, get it soon (really soon if indeed that "9" means "September" ha ha ha).  I know that I want to get a copy of Gabe "cooking up" a PS3 version of L4D and a couple of the epic FAIL pics...oh, and that Nurse that Blank found a while back.  ha ha ha  But other than that, I think there is probably very little that can't be googl-ized again at some point in the future.

Ah, life is good.  

In a goofy, happy kind of way, I feel sort of like I brought home a backhoe for the sandbox.  Smiling guiltily, I present it to Chiiko, and try to tell her all the cool things we will be able to do with it, including (and I am thinking on my feet here) moving the entire sandbox into the bucket, ...making more space for lounge chairs in the yard!  

"Yes, of course!  In fact, we don't even need lounge chairs! We can have our barbecue right in the cab!  You know what this means?!", I ask her in ever-heightening enthusiasm, "We can even have barbecues when it rains! ... 'Cause I chose the deluxe cab!"

When I realize that no amount of awesome things that could be done with a backhoe will persuade her to approve it, I take it back to the dealership (a long and slow drive), and tell them that my wife "doesn't like the color".  The manager chuckles knowingly, but more importantly, mercifully, and then tears up the lease in front of me.  

I walk out of the store with a smile on my lips and a tear in my eye.  I drive home in sour-sweet silence.  Only Chiiko's embrace when I get home, convinces me that I probably wouldn't have enjoyed barbecuing in the rain anyway.

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