Links, Links, Links...I love links...

Wed Jun 03, 2009 at 10:16:40 AM EST

Alright so the Big 3 and friends have taken their shots...Believe it or not E3 is almost over already! =/

But keeping us informed is our very own David Ellis as heard via Listen Up!

Listen Up! E3 Day 1 (Podcast 2)

And what's an E3 post without a few video? Follow the links for drool-worthy surprises.

Splinter Cell Gameplay and interview
Assassins Creed Gameplay
Batman Arkham Asylum
Forza 3 Interview
Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay
Halo ODST Firefight (A Horde ripoff? Apparently Not)

For lawl's

Alright so I'll be unavailable until late afternoon, so today's coverage is up to you! Make it happin' Cap'n.

Oh and if you didn't know this already, G4 will be airing a LIVE video recording of Listen Up! tomorrow on! Suh-weeeet. Stay tuned for more details. (or click here)

(PS: MDK has informed me that he's got some surprises for in interviews!)