Hand of sorrow

Tue Aug 18, 2009 at 03:58:53 PM EST

Well guys the stack has gone through the heart. The firery one has lost his flame.
Yep my xbox has died lol (like you could guess).
My LE H3 console has gone to that white place in the sky's (least it'll have friends). No more G2, sacred 2 and OMG Mass Effect.
Hope you guys cherish the time spent with your box as one day it'll end like a devorse. One day your with it the next your getting another one lol (bad joke i know).
I'm tpying this through my sisters laptop in case your woundering. Still dont have a pc BUT i'v seen one for just A hundred pound (exchange rate = VERY F'N CHEAP).

You know who there blaming for global warming? Use single people, yep single people. Cause where at home playing games useing electric.
What do they want use to do shove a wind turbine to our wanking arm................Drum and crash please.

I'v been told i can't say anymore sexist jokes. I thought "let's face it birds can't take it".
IF you where ofend by my spelling please talk to arse cause the hand is busy ;) Who died andmade you a teacher.......SORRY Blank lol.