For the Love of Horde, 3 rings 1 night (PS GET ON TO HORDE PLEASE)

Sun Nov 23, 2008 at 02:56:46 PM EST

Hey guys,

Last night was a night of EPIC highs (FUCKING SHOOTY TO THE FACE BITCH?!? MUHAHAHAHA!) and some EPIC lows (bye bye shield) but one thing is for certain... we were on track to fucking pwn insane Horde again, this time on Blood Drive.

On wave 46, my xbox red ringed. 3 glowing quarters simultaniously fucking my ass. It gets better, i turn on my xbox and my internet could not be found. Turn on my PC and it couldn't find it either.

Fiberoptic FTW?
Xbox FTW?

You bet your ass.

So what happened? Did i fuck up the shit round two as well? Did you get Koric in or something and whoop some 50 ass? If not, be there or be square tonight. Hopefully sooner than later cause i have to wake up early tomorrow. lol