How's your fall lookin'?

Fri Sep 18, 2009 at 03:59:25 PM EST

Ok so I promise this isn't an excuse just to post this picture of me from training:

=P  As many of you know ROTC has started back up again and is in full throttle.  On top of that, wedding planning and upper division communication classes at University (I like how that's what Boxin calls college) I'm swamped.

But how bout you?  What's your fall look like?  School started again? What's work look like?

I was glad Suns posted something about TV ramping up because there are definitely several shows I'm pumped about.  That and FINALLY getting to play the new Madden, ODST and then MW2.  

Some Advice

Thu Jun 18, 2009 at 07:43:42 PM EST

Basically what this diary is going to be about is about the military. I know Sweetie is in ROTC and I was thinking of doing it also if I get into VTech. But what I've been thinking, and I've been thinking a lot, is that I really don't know if the military is for me or not. If I were to do it, then I'd want to be in Special Forces of some kind (NAVY-Seals, ARMY-Rangers, etc.) or not at all. I realize that it really doesn't work that way however. And the only other reason would be if in about 10 years from now, if things in my life aren't going well, then I would join. The likelihood of that happening is pretty slim though, but still... I can't help but feel like doing it anyways. What do you guys think? I'll be talking to some Marines recruiter tomorrow, Friday, and would like to hear your guys' input. I also have 2 uncles and a grandfather who have all done some military time, but I'll be talking to them later when I head out to California in a month. Thanks fellas