FFF Recap: The Bromance is Alive and Well

Sat Aug 08, 2009 at 11:02:56 PM EST

So we turned back the clock to late 2007-early 2008 last night, playing Call of Duty 4 with nine Gearheads at once.  And while we experienced great success on District, we also got our asses handed to us on Strike.  It was a ton of fun playing COD again even though the pink pwnie rode all over us.  At least I had fun.  Like I said, I'm not really great at COD, but I just love playing it.

We quickly moved on to Gears 2 and Horde mode.  We tried out two of the new maps and I really liked the sandy one.  I'm not sure of the names yet, so perhaps Blank or Kenai or someone else could fill us in.  We had no probably quickly getting through 11 stages on the first map.  It's almost like that map was designed specifically for Horde and Horde alone, which is pretty cool.

The next one was a take off on the area outside of the laboratory in Gears 2, or at least that was how it struck me.  We breezed through the first seven waves or so, but then for whatever reason the last couple were really hard for us.  I think it was simple in that we got too spread out and usual when you have problems in any Gears game it's because you aren't communicating enough.  It was fantastically fun though.  I even picked up the Boom for old times sake and did pretty well with it.  I guess old habits die hard, no matter how much I've tried to get better with the Torque.

It was just fun to sit around and talk with the boys again and I got in a good two and half hours of solid gaming.  I hadn't done that in quite a while.  I love you guys.

FFF Recap: My Dream Night

Sat May 30, 2009 at 12:50:57 PM EST

OK so I've got to admit that I got really excited when I signed on last night to a bunch of folks playing Horde in Gears 2.

I got to get my Never Eat Red Snow achievement thanks to Infidel, JohnEMidnight, RageMonger and Jambi.  And we did it relatively quickly.  Wow JohnE was cleaning the Locusts' clocks.  It was downright impressive.  

I still love Horde mode immensely, although with the group I had around me, there was very little challenge to get to round 10 with these guys.

I then had a chance to play some COD4 with Suns (thank you Suns), Circuitz, Jambi and Kenai and it was a blast despite getting our asses handed to us. I didn't do too poorly personally.  I did all right going pretty much 5 kills to 5 deaths in the first one (I was cautious since it was my first COD match in a while).  Then I went 8 kills and 8 deaths in the second match and 11 and 8 in the final one.  That's about what I usually do.  Although I'll tell you the only people left playing are the guys who are pretty much pro at this point so it's really tough to do well at it.

Any way, thanks for playing two of the games that I love the most last night!  What do you guys remember from the evening?

Friday Night FragFest: March 6, 2009 - I Still Love COD4 and Horde Edition

Thu Mar 05, 2009 at 02:43:16 PM EST

I'm traveling starting this weekend and I'll be largely unavailable until Wednesday next week, but I should be able to do a little FFF'ing tomorrow night.

My vote is, and has been for a little while now, that we do some COD4. I'm just still truly in love with that game.  I also would love to do some Horde on Gears 2, but I understand that the limitations of only five players in a game at once make it sort of impractical for FFF.

But I should be able to get on tomorrow around 9 p.m. PST.  So sign up below and let me know if you're down.  For those of you who are wondering about Killzone 2, I've literally had zero time almost this whole week to game so I couldn't really give you a thorough report on it.  My one big impression is that they really should've taken the time to fix the controls.  I might get used to it eventually, but it really does create a barrier to entry, especially with that crappy PS3 controller for shooters.  More to come later...

Sign up and I hope to catch up with a few of you tomorrow night.

What Would You Like for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Mon Mar 02, 2009 at 03:08:22 AM EST

So I apologize to Kenai for not joining his Gears 2 game on Friday night.  My buddy who got a 360 for last Christmas begged me to play some Horde with him and you know what?  I still like Horde more than anything else about Gears 2.  I love it in part just because of the chaos of it.  And at one point this past Friday, I successfully decapitated three Locust in a row with a torque bow arrow.  Never done that before.

Any way, I've only scratched the surface on Killzone 2, so I'll refrain from going into it too much.  I will say that the controls are still tripping me up.  I really think that game could've used a stick to cover button like Gears because it's so essential to use cover in the campaign. I'm sure I'll get more into this in the coming weeks.

But the other thing I wanted to mention is that Infinity Ward is asking COD: MW fans to chime in on what you'd like to see on the next iteration of the series that is coming this year.  I've mentioned how much I loved COD 4 many times on this site.  It might just be my favorite first person shooter ever.  And the reason is simple.  I believe the mechanics of that game are better than any other for console.  Even better than Halo.  Every other first person shooter has to measure up to IW's masterpiece.  And I believe that the only way that it can be topped is by that team itself.

Here's my concern.  I'm afraid IW is going to make things overly complicated.  I'm afraid that they will add too much.  I like not having vehicles in COD 4.  I think any modern vehicle will make it an impossible game to balance.  So please don't add the vehicle element.

I do believe that there should be some kind of penalty for camping too much.  If you stay stationary in one spot for too long, you will automatically die and re-spawn at a very different part of the map.  

But ultimately, I basically want them to add four-person live co-op, more weapons, more maps and the ability to customize your soldier's look for multiplayer (maybe even steal something from Rainbow Six and let people put their faces on their soldier).  I would also like more colors and rewards for certain guns.  Like I have the red tiger M4, but I'd like something better.  I do NOT think that they should mess with much else.  This to me, was a game that was so close to perfection but they just needed to iterate on a few things.

So you tell me Gearheads, what would you like to see in COD: MW 2?  And how was FFF for you?  Any stories to share?