On Servers : MW2 Host Migration!

Wed Sep 02, 2009 at 01:45:46 AM EST

So, watching the new MW2 vid, I noticed immediately that it will be supporting host migration.  I have been playing a fair amount of TF2 on the PC, and I have to say, I miss the opportunity to set up my own room with a map and options of my choice.  Sure, there are literally thousands of servers to choose from on the PC, and sure, the connection discrepancies are considerably reduced, but I really miss not being able to set up the room just the way I want it, or play the map I want to play (often times, the map I want to play is either not being served at all, is being served and is full, or is being served and is empty).  I miss the control.

I think the current types of servers can be categorized into three groups:  

  1. The PC dedicated server set up, where gamers join a server of their choosing, and come and go as they please - but without any control as to the settings of the game.
  1. The Console client/server model, where a gamer configures the options/conditions under which he would like to play, and then "hosts" a room, or lobby (to which matchmaking services bring other gamers), the actual server of which is often chosen by the software itself according to connection speed.
  1. The hybrid a la L4D(360) wherein a company provides an entire server farm on which a game is served as directed by the gamer/host's configuration.

I used to argue for 1 or 3, but for the first time since Microsoft introduced the client/server model (on the original Xbox), I realize that I am willing to trade some connection advantage/disadvantage for the incredible control of "client" hosting, especially if the software also provides host migration.  What do you guys think?  Which is best?