A Game that we All Love

Fri Sep 11, 2009 at 11:35:03 AM EST

This past year has been a strange time for gaming among the Gearhead's.

When Gears of War first came out November 2006, we all fell in love.  Head over heals (even with all its warts).  Played it and Played it some more.   We bonded together with a game.  One game.

Then September (I think), Halo 3 came out.   Many of us hoped this game would elevate our gaming together to a new level.   MP with more purpose.   Capture the Flag, Warthogs running down the bad guys.   Full rooms of Gearheads (16!  Instead of only 8 in Gears).   Remember, we used to have 3 rooms of Gears going during the heyday.   Totally fun still, but bummer because a lot of us didn't even get to play with each other on a Friday (Although we did organize quite a bit of room swapping).

Halo 3 unfortunately did not have that "?...?"   Special something that resonated in our soul...   It did for times, but died...   And so did our dreams of a Halo world...

Popped my Diary Cherry

Wed Feb 11, 2009 at 01:42:43 AM EST

For several months I have debated whether or not i should make a post on Gearheads. I have been really busy lately. I first got started on GH when my friend Nate asked if i would like to play Halo 3 with some of the members from a website called Gearheads of War. Since I had recently just started play Halo again (after a very long break.) I decided sure, why not. After all i had already known that MDK 2002 was a part of it being friends to him prior. Once I got to playing halo ( Blowing at First til i got the hang of it.) i met Sweetea. From there me and him had hit it off he then told me a little bit more about Gearheads. So I made the decision to sign up I mean what do i have to lose. From there on it has been a blast. I have met some really great people that i would have never met before i started playing Halo again which was long missed. I am glad to have a great site like this where fellow gamers can get together and have a great time. So now enough about me i am going to have a poll on what everyones favorite xbox live multiplayer game is which will give me an idea of what everyone play and maybe of what i should check out. So if you have some free-time check the poll out.

Left 4 Dead Awards UPDATE!!

Thu Jan 08, 2009 at 06:39:28 PM EST

Gearheads, we need to create a list of Awards that we can use to help us re-cap and highlight the best/most memorable moments of the evening.  I think it would be fine to just re-use some of the official Achievement names and pics (e.g., Barf Bagger - for anyone who gets all four Survivors with one puke).  However, I think there are lots of things we could create new awards for (e.g.,

So, please propose Names and Descriptions of awards.  From there, we can compile a list, tweaking where necessary.  Feel free to offer just a Description or just a Name as well. We can help each other outBooby awards are legitimate, too.

Here are some Descriptions (again, the wording can be tweaked for greater entertainment value):

Barf Bagger - Covered 4 Survivors in a single Cookie Toss.

????  - best/most memorable Hunter

????  - best/most memorable Boomer

????  - best/most memorable Smoker

????  - best/most memorable Tank

????  - for making the hardest decision (and leaving all Friends behind)

(Sorry guys, I don't have time to flesh this out right now.  Just want to get it on the boards so we can all work on it together.)

UPDATE:  The page is up.  Check it out here.  For comparison's sake, check out the Gears Awards page here.  Thanks to all who contributed with ideas and full awards.  This is just a first draft, so more can be added, uninteresting/confusing ones can be deleted, and all the rest can be tweaked.  The Achievements are also a go, and hopefully,  people will remind us that such and such achievement would also have been awarded.


What's under your tree?

Wed Dec 24, 2008 at 12:32:55 PM EST

This diary is just dedicated to show off what you got for Christmas (assuming you celebrate it). Even if it's just t-shirts and such. Just a chat diary persay. I'm aware it's only Christmas Eve, but some people have already opened presents at other relatives houses for example. Even if you haven't opened a single present, write what you think you'll be getting.

For us, we're opening presents today because my dad has to work on Christmas Day, so today is our Christmas and tomorrow we're going to eat with relatives.

And I've already opened one present, and to my delight, it was game related :]

sorry about the size, I tried everything to get them to resize. If an admin could resize them somehow, that'd be great.