3D Realms bought out by MS?!?

Sun May 10, 2009 at 02:07:52 PM EST

There's a theory out there by Bitbag.com that makes complete sense.  3D Realms, the developer of Duke Nukem, shuttered its doors on Thursday, only to have its site come back to life on Friday.  Perhaps MS bought the financially strapped developer to make Duke Nukem a 360-exclusive?  This could be one of their "big" unannounced releases to counter the PS3 this year!  Vaporware no more.

Check out the article & put your two cents in about this possibility: MS buys 3D Realms?!?

Also, check out the leaked footage of Duke Nukem Forever: DNF Footage @ Gametrailers.com

***UPDATE***: Apparently, Take-Two had offered $30 million to George Broussard for the Duke Nukem IP, but he rejected it.  Instead, he has chose to shop it around to id Software, Epic, Electronic Arts, and even Microsoft for additional funding to complete the game.  This is the latest "news" about the game.  Since Take-Two still holds the publishing rights, Broussard is skating on very thin ice.  However, there seems to be some life left in Duke Nukem Forever actually seeing the light of day.  Click here for the article: Take-Two offers $30 mil for DNF IP