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Oh, and I enjoy the great drinks of SweetTea and NesQuick

Quick MW2 Impressions (Minor Spoilers)

Wed Nov 11, 2009 at 04:42:14 PM EST

If you hadn't heard, the Modern Warfare 2 train has left the station and is coming in hot.

From the first moments I put the disc in the tray I knew Infinity Ward had gotten it right.  How?  Upon putting in the game the first time, I was asked "There are scenes of mature nature in this game - Would you like to automatically skip them?"  Or something to that effect.  I knew instantly that if IW had thought to put that option in, they had probably thought of everything.

And just a couple hours in, I haven't been convinced otherwise.  From the offset the game gets your blood pumping like few I've played before.  The actual gameplay is brilliant, from that classic feel of Call of Duty's shooting mechanics to the beautiful graphics and excellent music.  

I'm officially hoooked and can't wait to pop the game in again.

With all that said a few critiques:  I'm having trouble figuring out what's going on.  I feel really rushed from mission to mission and have but a basic grasp as to the plot.  This is because, like I said, I feel really rushed on top of odd audio.  I'm having trouble hearing what the guys around me are saying unless I'm right next to them.  Realistic, maybe but not practical in a game.
Now, these ARE NOT big issues for me as the gameplay more than makes up for it.

However there's one mission I was absolutely blow away by early in the game. (Minor Spoiler)  You are randomly placed undercover with some war lord and enter an airport.  You then proceed to see the guy's he is with just mow down countless men and women.  People are crawling away, bleeding all over and crying for help.  Needless to say, I kept my weapon on safe, so to speak.

I'm not going to say much more, but I don't ever want to "play" slaughtering men and women who can't defend themselves.  Maybe that's why I just didn't fully get engaged in GTA.  What happened to the days when Splinter Cell gave you a moral choice to kill or not kill a civilian reporter with consequences either way.  Remember that?  Giving the option to skip mature option is one thing, but offering gamers an opportunity to slaughter men and women is another.  Maybe I'm making too much of it.

Anyway, all in all I'm blown away by the game (in a good way) and hope to get into multiplayer with you all soon!

Win 7....f, help.

Sun Oct 25, 2009 at 11:52:24 PM EST

So I've been running the Windows 7 RC for several months and it's been perfect.  Now I've installed Windows 7 Home Premium (and had to clean install...) and now I can't run Aero due to my Windows Experience score being 1.0 for graphics and gaming grahpics.  Everything else is 5.9 lol.

So I'm assuming Win 7 isn't recognizing drivers or something? Or did I just show my ignorance by thinking that's the problem?

Zos, ya got my back?

Anyone else pick up Windows 7?

Get Early Access to Twitter and Facebook for Live

Wed Oct 14, 2009 at 07:13:46 PM EST

You have to enter your console serial number, run a speed test and fill out a service but Microsoft is offering a way to try out Xbox Live's Twitter and Facebook integration before it's released.  

Now your not guarenteed to get picked but if you use either Twitter or Facebook this is definitely something to check out.

Sign Up Here!

I'd be scared too...

Mon Sep 28, 2009 at 10:41:06 PM EST

An MMA fighter is about ready to beat the crap out of an EA exec after seeing he has a low skill score...

Quite awesome!

Another funny video to cheer up your Monday evening:

ODST Impressions?

Tue Sep 22, 2009 at 06:46:50 PM EST

Haven't had a whole lot of time to play Bungie's latest, but the time I have has been interesting.

The campaign is really different than the Halo I'm use to.  For the first time in a Halo game I'm conserving ammo, taking cover and am actually being drawn into the story (lol).

The only dig on the game I have so far is that the first half hour or so I had trouble figuring out where to go/what to do.  It's kind of dark and the direction isn't clear. Also the cinimatic when you load up the game absolutely sucks.  It's like they used Windows Movie Maker and some effects to intro you to the Halo world.  Psh. 
But after getting initially acquinted with the look and feel of ODST, it's been nothing but fun. The story is fantastic and music already impressing...


What are you impressions of ODST campaign and Firefight?    

How's your fall lookin'?

Fri Sep 18, 2009 at 03:59:25 PM EST

Ok so I promise this isn't an excuse just to post this picture of me from training:

=P  As many of you know ROTC has started back up again and is in full throttle.  On top of that, wedding planning and upper division communication classes at University (I like how that's what Boxin calls college) I'm swamped.

But how bout you?  What's your fall look like?  School started again? What's work look like?

I was glad Suns posted something about TV ramping up because there are definitely several shows I'm pumped about.  That and FINALLY getting to play the new Madden, ODST and then MW2.  

iPod Touch: Gaming Machine?

Fri Sep 11, 2009 at 10:58:43 AM EST

I'm sure you have all seen the comercials for the iPod Touch.  The majority are about gaming, not music.

Apple's focus on this device as a gaming platform grew even more obvious yesterday when they put a camera on the iPod Nano and not the iPod Touch.  The reason? Gaming.

"Originally," Jobs tells The New York Times, "we weren't exactly sure how to market the Touch. Was it an iPhone without the phone? Was it a pocket computer? What happened was, what customers told us was, they started to see it as a game machine.

"So what we were focused on is just reducing the price to $199. We don't need to add new stuff. We need to get the price down where everyone can afford it."
(via Kotaku)

In addition to NOT announcing a camera to the iPod Touch, they did announce Madden 10 for iPod Touch and iPhone (available now) and Assassins Creed 2 available day and date to the console version.

So is it worth it, GearHeads? If you have one, do you use your iPod Touch to seriously game?  

The times I've used my iPhone for gaming have been rare, but enjoyable.  

And if you don't, would you?

I'm engaged! Update - Pics added!

Sat Sep 05, 2009 at 05:42:02 PM EST

Just a few moments ago I proposed to my lovely girlfriend, Katie.

A TON more pictures can be found here.  Basically, we walked along the river walk and 'stumbled' upon rose petals along the ground.  Also, a verse from the Bible's Song of Songs appeared line by line on poster board along the sidewalk.  When we got to the end of the verse there were more flowers and a girl playing the theme from the Notebook on the violin. Soon after I dropped down and asked Katie to marry me.

She said yes :)

A video describing the event:

I haven't tested that link, so if it doesn't work I'll fix it later.

I'll be sure to post pics and stuff later :)

We pray God blesses our marriage!

THANK YOU everyone for all your support over the years - the friendships, the laughter and the mmmhmmmmmm looooove. It will only continue. =) God Bless!

"Halo is scary again..."

Fri Sep 04, 2009 at 07:25:29 PM EST

That title details one of the many things I took away from the new OXM article on Halo ODST.

And it makes sense- No longer do you have Spartan-level combat ability, but that of an ODST.  Those Brutes just got a tad bit scarier.

Here are some other things I found interesting/awesome in the OXM article:

***  The article details a story where they played hide and go seek (they were hunted) by 2 Hunters in a dark building.  With ODST's not having a radar, this experience was actually scary again.

***  As you probably know, the world is free-roaming due to Bungie wanting you to experience the story in random order until the end...The game actually sounds like a mystery-thriller.

*** "Forget what you heard about this being an appetizer-sized expansion pack: ODST has main course written all over it."  

OXM ends the article by saying ODST may be Bungie's "tastiest treat yet".  Time will tell, but such enthusiasm has me truly pumped.

Now, more Live Action movies plzzz!

Free & Easy Screen Capture Service

Sat Aug 22, 2009 at 10:57:48 PM EST

Screenr -- Check it.

It's free, easy and it's designed specifically for twitter.

Here is my first testing of it: Windows 7's Aero Snap.


Fable 3 Announced - Let the revolution begin!

Wed Aug 19, 2009 at 09:38:02 AM EST

Few games have attempted to tackle leadership.  You having control of a massive group of people.  Fable 3 looks to do that as you will play the King of Albion.  Here are some of the details courtesy of 1UP:

"You'll take up the role of either the son or daughter of the Hero from Fable 2. The first half of the game will center around gaining support and starting a revolution against the current king. "Ultimately you overthrow that terrible tyrant who rules Albion, but to do that you have to make some promises," said Molyneux. But it's up to you to keep those promises about help the poor, lower taxes, and so on. An example of the decisions you'll have to make is your ability to do away with poverty by spending all of the money in your treasure room -- or you can just save it for yourself, but either way, there will be consequences."

More details here.

Upon gaining control of the kingdom players will, in typical Fable fashion, be able to influence the world around them.  This time, your sphere of influence is much, much larger.  As large as working to develop the entirety of your kingdom or let areas sink into poverty. Your money is yours to spend and how you do so effects your kingdom.

But you won't just be making large scale decisions.  Individual lives of some citizens will be in your hands.  The choice of what punishment a citizen receives will be up to you and if you are graceful enough, you can pardon them completely.  

All of these choices will effect the world of Albion, which has already changed quite a bit from Fable 2:

"You'll see new marvels of the industrial age, devices that the people of Albion are amazed by," enthuses art lead John McCormack. "Half of Bowerstone will be turned into this mass of pistons and steam and clockwork - everything's moving."


I'm just scared to death for the citizens of Albion.  God help them if Boxin, Robbins or Grymm ever gain control of the kingdom...

Biting Forbidden Fruit

Mon Aug 03, 2009 at 01:26:25 PM EST

This is the first part in a two part series.  In the next post I'll focus on the gaming side of the iPhone.

I’m a Microsoft guy, plain and simple.  I work solely with their software and their Xbox 360 has taken my gaming world by storm.  But I’ve come to the realization that I’ve been missing the forest for a tree…

Prior to my editing this photo was taken by Alfie W. and found via Flickr

Earlier this summer I left my Zune days behind and bought an iPhone 3GS.  The ‘S’ stands for “speed.”

Yes, you are paying for that kind of originality when you buy Apple products.  But the thing with the iPhone is this: It really is a computer in your pocket, there’s no doubt about it.  And the thing with the iPhone 3GS is that it makes that computing even faster.  Everything from accessing email anywhere you go, using AIM, finding directions on the go, loading up games like Sims 3 or Peggle, everything is faster than any other "smart phone" I've ever owned or tried...  

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