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I am a 31 year old husband and father, who leaves for work at 7:30am and does not get home until 5:30pm. Needless to say I don't get much time to play my xbox, but lately my wife has been pretty understanding and will actually sit there and watch me play COD 4 on Live. Of course her favorite part is to comment on my skills, or lack there of.


Tue Jul 08, 2008 at 09:56:56 PM EST

Hey guys, I know I'm usually not very vocal on here but I love this site and the fact that people genuinely care about each other.  I'm writing this diary now simply to ask for your prayers.  Recently we've had a new neighbor move in next door and she is crazy.  She and her son like to wait until I leave and then scream and yell at my wife over the most trivial things.  It has gotten to the point now that my wife is scared to be home alone for fear of what they may do to her.  Even my son is scared of this women because he has seen her yelling at mommy.  We are now in the position of having to move out of the apartment we have called home for the last 8 1/2 years by the end of this month.  This is a choice we've made only because we no longer feel comfortable here.  Pray that we can make it long enough to get packed up and outta this place.  

Let's not get our hopes up

Tue Apr 01, 2008 at 04:43:31 PM EST

but at least someone is trying to get the ball rolling again.  I think this would be an excellent way to begin a movie franchise for Halo.  I hadn't read the book until very recently, but I absolutely loved it!  So let's all cross our fingers and hope that this thing gets off the ground!

Gears of Tipsy

Thu Feb 08, 2007 at 12:46:18 PM EST

For those of you who have a Myspace account, check out CliffyB's page and take a listen to the song he's added to his profile.  If you don't have a Myspace page go to and right there on the main page, 1st row, 5th song down take a listen.  I'm not a real big fan of the song "Tipsy", but the music goes great with this.  Two thumbs up from me!  Check it out!  

Xbox 360 buries the PS3...

Tue Jan 16, 2007 at 09:36:13 AM EST

literally!  At first I thought it was probably a snafu by some bumbling Wal-mart employee in electronics, but I was wrong.  Yesterday I was stunned to see a 60 GB PS3 laying underneath stacks and stacks of 360 games on the bottom shelf of the glass case!  It was laying flat so all you could see was the top of the box and even that was mostly covered by a couple stacks of games in front of it!  I mean, it's bad enough that the PS3 is having a hard time due to it's high price tag, but I don't think hiding the thing helps either.  I mentioned something to the two 70 year olds behind the counter and they were shocked when they moved the games out of the way and told me that they had 4 or 5 chances to sell it just that afternoon.  Turns out that apparently the kid who worked the night before was trying to hide it so he could pick it up when he got into work.  Honesty is such a lonely word. Everyone is so untrue!

P.S. If I offended anyone with the "bumbling Wal-mart employee", I apologize.  I think it's just the area I'm in here because I don't really see it anywhere else.  Hopefully my wife won't read this though, considering the fact that my brother-in-law and his wife and my sister-in-law all worked at Wal-mart!

I am a virgin no more!

Fri Nov 17, 2006 at 12:30:03 AM EST

Tonight was the night, it took long enough but I finally did it!  I popped my XBL cherry!  It took me this whole week to get myself a router, update my computer (and restore it a couple times), but finally tonight I got online.  You know what?  For a first timer, it's pretty god damn intimidating!  Especially with Gears!  I hopped into a match and within less than a minute I was thrown into the action, and I got my ass handed to me!  Don't get me wrong, I still handed down a couple ass whoopins' with the chainsaw and curb stomped a couple COGS.  However, that was no match for these guys.  Needless to say my teamates weren't really thrilled especially since they couldn't hear me.  I guess I need to exchange that wireless headset, sorry guys :p  Oh well, I guess it's time to put a little more practice in.  Here's to Gears, may I play it until I die!  At which point bury me with my 360 in a coffin with a built in LCD in the lid and my copy of GoW!  See you ONLINE!  

The wonderful wife...

Fri Nov 10, 2006 at 06:08:37 PM EST

For those of you who read my previous diary titled, "the deal"  just ignore it.  First of all, last Tuesday I was allowed to set up my 360 and was told on Wednesday when I get home I could fire up Gears for the night.  Well, after some drama with FedEx and EB Games I cancelled my preorder and picked up a CE at Walmart on the way home.  After we put our son to bed I was left to play for the whole night, she even sat and watched for about 1 hour!
The next day after agreeing to help out more around the house my wife said I could pack up the 360 and take it up north with us for the weekend so I could teach my heterosexual lifemate the inner workings of Gears.  However she was going to make him buy the second controller needed to play.  She also said that once Christmas came and went I would be able to purchase the MS Wireless headset and connect to live.  
Now, for those who have hung in there so far, fast forward to today.  It was agreed that we would go to Best Buy today to pick up a broadband router for our computer to hook to XBL.  After picking up the router we went over to look at the controllers to see which one my HLM could buy.  While over there my wife saw the 50' ethernet cable I needed and grabbed it.  Then she saw the wireless headset and said, "Is that the one you wanted to get?", to which I replied, "Yes.".  She then proceeded to take the last one down off the shelf and put it in the cart!  Then she grabbed a controller we had been looking at and through that in the cart also!  I was totally shocked and asked her 10 times if she was sure!  She said, "as long as I help more and more often around the house, she's fine with it", and she'll even let me hook up to XBL on Sunday when we get home!
I love Gears, but not nearly as much as I love my wonderful, beautiful, amazing wife! By the way, today is my birthday and I'm getting kind of old so she may have felt a little sorry for me and my grey hair!

A deal...

Sat Nov 04, 2006 at 02:04:39 AM EST

with the devil.  That is what I made 4 months ago.  You see, I decided to wait to get my 360 until GoW came out.  My wife said, we just don't have the money right now but maybe for your birthday.  Then I told her how much everything would cost and the dealing began.  It was finally decided that I would get my 360 & GoW as a joint Birthday and Christmas gift (my birthday is 2 days before Emergence Day).  I would get Gears for my birthday and the 360 for Christmas, great deal huh?  Well, I agreed...what else could I do!  She had me by the short and curlys!  Some of you may say, "grow a set and put your foot down!", but unless you have a band on your left ring finger you can't even begin to understand.  So here it is 11/3 and tonight, after persuading my wife, I took in my Xbox and traded up for the 360.  We went to EB Games so that we could take advantage of their $80 trade in special.  I figured I could reason with my wife, don't try this at home, asking her if I really had to wait since now I have no game system whatsoever in my house.  The answer was not only "no", but now    I have to look at my 360 and, after Wednesday, my copy of GoW until Christmas night.  You heard that right, I can't even play Christmas Day!  We gotta go to the in-laws, whose TV is 20 YEARS OLD!  Whipped you say!?  Loser!?  Nancy Boy!?  You try dealing with my devil and then you can talk!  For now, just pray I don't lose my mind and try not to rub it in so much when you post your first experiences with Gears.  Thank you for your support and I look forward to getting curb stomped by all of you who are 2 months up on me on Christmas Night!  

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