We have confirmation

I was really frustrated last night trying to figure out what could possibly be wrong with my Xbox. Did Gears 2 cause it to overheat (that’s when my Xbox started and then Red Ring’d)? Is there something my modem is doing that causes only single player games to work without a problem? Do I have to much HD space taken up?

Sure enough, my Xbox only had 1 gig of memory left and I decided to clear off everything from games I don’t play any longer. Got rid of some map packs for Xbox Originals and old games, removed some DLC for Rock Band I only played once and retired, and then I noticed something. All of the past data I had from Halo 3 (maps, game variants, etc) was still on there… And taking up space! With that I’d like to inform everyone to check back on their old Halo 3 data when the next chance comes.

Also, I installed CoD: WaW and my Xbox is running great. It hasn’t overheated once yet and I’m going through the campaign on Veteran. That probably isn’t a good idea because I hadn’t gone through campaign on a lower difficulty, but it’s surprisingly easy.

So once I get my new HD on Xmas I’ll be able to rejoin the GearHeads on their GoW shenanigans. Until then, you’ll be able to find me on Treyarch’s Call of Duty.


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