Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Which One You Should Buy in 2015

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4

The war of the dominance is on between Sony and Microsoft. Both companies are trying their best to make their console more dominant in the gaming industry. It is not possible that you are a gamer and there hasn’t come a time when you thought of purchasing either of Xbox One or PlayStation 4. However, good for you if you still haven’t decided yet. We are here comparing both of these consoles to see which gives you the best performance and at what cost.


Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 Games

Xbox One

During the writing of this article, there are almost 200 games made for Xbox One and are available on sale. Some of these titles include Forza Motorsport Five, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising Three, Sunset Overdrive – all of these games are only available on Xbox One (when comparing with other consoles). Halo 5 is also coming on Xbox One. Microsoft is working on making the games of Xbox 360 available for Xbox One.

PlayStation 4

Currently there are almost 340 games available for purchase on PlayStation 4. These games include Bloodborne, DriveClub, which are only made for PlayStation 4. Some upcoming games include Street Fighter 5 and Uncharted 4. PlayStation 3 games can already be played on PlayStation 4, but you play them using PlayStation Now.


Xbox One

The Xbox One is available for $349 (for US customers). At this price you get the console, 500GB HD, 1 controller and a code to download a game. With $50 more, you can get 1TB HD instead. Also, you will need to spend $60 yearly for online play. For Asian prices: in China is 3,699 Yuan, ¥39,980 is in Japan while Xbox One price in Malaysia is RM 1,590.

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 is available for $399 (for US customers). At this price you get the console, 500GB HD, 1 controller and the game “Batman: Arkham Knight” in recent bundles. For Asian prices: PS4 price in Malaysia is RM1,799 while in Japan is ¥39,980 and in China is 2,899 Yuan. Other bundles are limited and may cost more because of their limited availability. Also, you will need to spend $50 yearly for online play.

Subscription Perks

Xbox One

The Xbox Live Gold lets you play your games online with an annual subscription price of $60. The gold membership also gives you additional benefits like unlocking certain features of the games and discount offers. You can also subscribe to EA Access to enjoy older EA titles for $5/month.

PlayStation 4

Song gives you the PlayStation Plus services for $50/year that lets you enjoy your games online. You also get discounts with the membership. PlayStation have another service called PlayStation Now which lets you stream older PS games on your PlayStation 4 for a subscription price of $20/month.


Xbox One

You can get Xbox One controller for around $50 at retail stores. The controller is designed to be comfortable and easy to hold. Its d-pad is upgraded from Xbox 360’s and is finer now.

PlayStation 4

PS4 controller has improved a lot in every way compared to its predecessor. The joystick is wider now, easier to hold, with improved d-pad and jack for headphone. The touchpad is at the centre is not very much utilized. The controller is priced at $60.


Xbox One

The Upload app lets you quickly capture clips, edit them and share online. You can capture screen while playing and share it. The Twitch app makes streaming very easy.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 has lot of support for sharing and playing online. The Share button lets you capture an image or video. With ShareFactory, you can then edit them and share using Ustream or Twitch. Also, you can play with your friends using SharePlay.

Other Features

Xbox One

Xbox Live is providing a great online gaming experience for over a decade now. You can see how Microsoft works hard to maintain this service. Xbox One has the option to show you the progress bar of your games. You can attach two hard drives on Xbox One for more storage. This gives you enough space to hold all your data. TV and Xbox One go great together. You can attach the TV box into the console directly and enjoy your shows with console’s interference.

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 has support for many devices. You can interact with the PlayStation app using your iOS and Android devices. You can even use the Sony smartphones as controllers for gaming. With complete integration of Spotify in PlayStation 4, you can play your favorite music in game. You don’t even have to stop your gameplay; just use your tablet or smartphone to switch music.


Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 Conclusion

At the current time the winner is PlayStation 4 in terms of features and services it provides. It may cost more than Xbox One, but the features it provides are worth the cash. However, Xbox One is close behind the PlayStation 4. The war between the both consoles isn’t going to end soon. With Windows 10 set to come in Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ready for Project Morpheus, the results might be different in future.

In the end, it is good to look at the features and services, but the main thing you should be focusing on is the gaming. The core attraction of these consoles is the gaming experience. So, if you like a game that is exclusive to one of these consoles, then you should select your console according to that. It’s all about the gaming in the end after all.

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